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Our Five Easy Steps For Replacing Your Windows Doors

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Replacement Windows & Doors

Homeowner Installation Service Since 1969

You’ll know when it’s time to replace your old windows and doors when your home’s interior can’t maintain a comfortable temperature or you see signs of a water problem resulting in mold or mildew. Begin the replacement process by educating yourself about all your options. Woodland can help by simplifying the process into five easy steps.

We call it The Woodland Way. Please watch our video which describes our precise process.

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Woodland's Five Easy Steps For Replacing Your Windows & Doors

With years of experience replacing windows and doors for thousands of homeowners, we’ve simplified the remodeling process for our customers. Here’s what you can expect.

Step 1: Expert Consultation

Start by educating yourself about replacement window types that fit with your unique home and budget. Check our website for information, including catalogs and ideas. Visit our showroom to see the products and speak to a specialist. You can choose from Wood Clad, Fiberglass, Vinyl or Aluminum. You can change your interior or exterior trim. Select from near unlimited finish options. You can even change the size of a window opening to suit a different window style. Check out our window guides, blogs and FAQs. When you’re ready to narrow your options schedule an in-home consultation for an Expert Consultation.


Where to Begin?

To plan your budget for replacement windows and doors you need to know the cost of the ‘installed window or door’. To understand this you need to understand the key factors.

These include: window material (wood, fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum) full or partial replacement, new or reused trim, condition of the opening, access to your windows and your home (for loading & unloading).

Each factor contributes to the cost of your replacement, which is why it’s key to get a quote from a reputable replacement dealer, otherwise you risk getting an inferior installed product or hidden charges.

What Does it Cost
to Replace Windows & Doors?

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  • Who needs to be present the day of my in-home consultation?
    The day of your in-home consultation, we ask that one of the homeowner’s or decision makers is present to meet with our sales representative. Many times our sales representatives will have questions that will need to be answered to assure the proper products are quoted.

  • If I bring my measurements in to your showroom, will someone be able to give me a price?
    Technically yes, however we generally refrain from doing so because the way you measure may or may not be the way Woodland would measure therefore it can cause confusion and ultimately errors in what is quoted. We will help you estimate the cost, so you can plan your budget. We’ll do our best to give you a price range to work with.

  • Can I expect a proposal at the end of my sales appointment?
    Generally, your sales rep is able to provide a written proposal before leaving your home. There are some instances however where product has to be quoted from our vendors. In that case, we will have to get back to you with a quote, generally within 24-48 hours depending on the manufacturer.

  • Can I get an estimate for the cost of the windows and a separate estimate for the installation of the windows?
    The estimate you need to create a budget should include the cost of the ‘installed window or door’. This is essential because the window choice, your home and the installation requirements are inextricably linked. Estimates can be created for contractors and DYI homeowners who wish to purchase the replacement windows or doors to install themselves.

  • We’re DIY people, can I install replacement windows myself?
    Some homeowners do install their windows if an insert window is an option for their project. Insert windows install directly into an existing frame of the window being replaced. The frame needs to be square, in good condition and of the same size as the new window. Other types of replacements can be difficult unless you have previous experience replacing windows. Manufacturers supply installation instructions.

  • What does a vinyl replacement window cost compared to a composite or wood/clad?
    Vinyl-frame windows are the most affordable of the three – as little as half the price of comparable wood-frame versions. For the right application, vinyl is a good buy.

  • Can you offer us additional savings if we replace all the windows at one time?
    We call that the ‘time management discount’ sales pitch. It’s a tactic to get homeowners to spend more than they might otherwise be ready to spend. Woodland uses a precise job costing system that allows us to price our installations by window openings, not the number of windows you buy, like most of our competitors. Our customer’s receive great pricing and consistent installation quality.

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Step 2: The Right Solution

Woodland prides itself as a no pressure sales environment. We want your business, but we want you to take the time to process this decision. We want to make sure you’re not pressured into a sale. We offer Expert Consultation in your home. Our window expert will spend about an hour to examine and take measurements of your windows, and listen to your replacement design goals. The representative will show you a variety of window or door options that match your requirements and make sure you’re fully informed about all your options.


There are a number of choices and specific options tailored for you when it comes to replacing your windows and doors for a single family home, a condominium or townhome. We’ll help you narrow your choices based on your unique home and recommend a brand and style from our wide selection of products. Check out this comprehensive Marvin replacement solutions guide.

An in-home design consultation will focus on The Right Solution for your specific needs and offer you a same day quote.

Woodland Windows Consultation

Step 3: Get Your Proposal

If you’re comfortable with your salesperson’s recommendations, you will be given a quote. We don’t quote projects to make a sale, rather we select The Right Solution and factor the real installation costs associated with your specific project so it is done right and there are no hidden costs. Generally, your sales rep is able to provide a written proposal before leaving your home. There are some instances however where product has to be quoted from our vendors. In that case, we will have to get back to you with a quote, generally within 24-48 hours depending on the manufacturer. Your sales representative will continue to answer any questions, or other options you’d like to compare.

Woodland Windows Consultation

Step 4: Ordering Windows & Doors

When you’re ready to sign the proposal along with the receipt of a 50% deposit (50% upon job completion) your order is placed. Our project coordinator will contact you to schedule final measurements at your home done by our expert window technician.


With those final measurements and your order is placed in the system you’re all set. We’ll track your order progress and when your order is received in our warehouse, our coordinator will call you again to schedule a convenient time for your installation.

We’ll give you a checklist in advance of how you can prepare your home for the day of installation. On the appointment day, the crew leader will review the process with you while the crew protects your hallways and work areas. Generally, our installers can replace 3-4 full frame replacement openings per day and 6-10 insert replacement units per day. There may be exceptions to this, depending on the work that needs to be done.

Upon completion, your property will be cleaned up and the crew lead will demonstrate how to use your windows, answer questions and obtain your signature that the work was complete. Woodland is a phone call away should you have any questions or problems with your installation.

We manage the details so you don’t have to – PROMISE, PROCESS, PERFORMANCE – The Woodland Way.

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