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White or Natural Wood Windows? How to Decide Which is Best.


If you’re a fan of HGTV you most likely think that white is the only color for your home’s interior windows and trim. Then again, if you’re a fan of This Old House and love traditional and historic homes, you most likely think that natural wood is the more beautiful choice. Is one choice better than the other? It depends on the look you want to achieve and your existing window and trim color.

Marvin Windows Ultimate Double Hung 4704 211 stonebreaker dr 09 mw c2 lowres copy

Marvin Ultimate White Interior Windows

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Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Best Choice for Chicago Climate

There are certain facts of life that simply can’t be ignored and one of these is that Chicago area entry doors take a beating. The region’s warm, humid summers and its cold, bitter winters are a life fact that should be a top consideration when selecting an entry door for your home. Wood entry doors are an option for homes with well protected entries, but for the majority of homes in our area, Fiberglass doors are your best choice.

WeekThree FC814 Crystalline Brn 1 copy 2

Therma-Tru Entry Door

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Remodeling Tips at Open House

Thinking about remodeling your home and replacing your old windows? Come to our Open House this Saturday, September 30th and pick up a copy of the remodeling guide with tips about replacing your windows. Marvin readbefore

This Old House Remodeling Tips for Replacing Windows

A Reference Guide You'll Never Toss Out

The 11-page guide to replacing windows from This Old House takes you through the entire process of selecting the right replacement window, energy efficiency standards, standard and oversized openings, to imagining and creating your dream project. The guide features Marvin and Integrity replacement windows and doors.

Pick up a copy of the guide and see the products for yourself when you stop by our showroom on Saturday.

SAVE the DATE: This Saturday, September 30th 10:OO am - 3:00 pm. Woodland Windows and Doors, at the corner of Lake and Gary - 25 W 355 Lake Street, Roselle, IL>

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Why Visit an Open House?


We hope you’ll join us Saturday, September 30th at Woodland Windows and Doors at the corner of Lake and Gary for our Fall Open House. We invite you to learn about what’s new for windows and doors, gather with neighbors, family and friends, or enjoy some fun with your kids.

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Why visit an Open House?

Woodland sponsors the Open House because we’re completely dedicated to showcasing and educating the community about the beautiful and functional products available for your new home or your home improvement. We also like to hear directly from customer’s what products and services you need from us. What better way than to open the doors for people to leisurely explore, talk with experts and learn regardless of your immediate intentions to buy?

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What Does a Multi-slide or Oversized Door Cost?

Oversized doors are an increasingly popular item on homeowner’s wish lists. They open the house to connect with the outdoors and help create the illusion of space for today’s smaller homes. Naturally, a key question to ask is, how much do these expansive doors cost? The cost of the doors depends on your project size opening, the door style and design that you select. Of course, you can begin your project by asking for a quote, but without knowing your design alternatives you won’t really know if the quote is high or low for what you want and need.

A better way to get a handle on how much an oversized door like a multi-slide, lift and slid or bi-fold door will cost is first to identify what goes into the price of these doors. Here is a list of door features that you’ll want to consider as you plan and these choices will drive the cost of the doors.

Threshold Set 1657 copy

Marvin Multi-Slide Door Installation

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