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House Siding Styles – How to Create a Custom Look with Vinyl Siding


The most frequent questions we get from customers looking to replace their home’s siding are, “is there a vinyl siding that looks like a custom home and can we mix and match siding styles?” Our answer is always the same. Many custom homes mix and match vinyl siding styles using latest millwork profiles to get create a unique style for your home.

Good design is the secret to achieving a custom look and a custom look comes from mixing and matching multiple siding profiles, colors and accessories. Take the time to find a siding contractor who will help you create a uniquely custom design for your replacement siding project.


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Condominium Roof Replacement – Consult a Multi-Family Home Expert

It’s never pleasant news to learn that your condominium or townhome complex needs a new roof. That’s true whether you’re a homeowner or the homeowner association staff. Realistically speaking everyone concerned knows the alternative to not taking action when an old roof is beginning to show signs of failing is far worse.

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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home.

The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. Burglars may look through the glass to see if anyone is inside the home, they may try to break the glass, or push in a double French door configuration.

If these beautiful glass doors would be perfect for your home, the good news is that there are multiple options with today’s quality modern glass doors that can reduce the risk of intrusion.

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Sunrooms Create an Outdoor Sanctuary

We tend to have hectic lives, running between work, appointments and commitments with little time to unwind. It’s no wonder then that many homeowners dream of creating a sanctuary where they can seek refuge after a hard day or a long week.

Perhaps the best antidote for stressful lives is nature, so it’s only natural for homeowners to choose to add an outdoor room as a sanctuary. Outdoor rooms can be all season sunrooms, three season sunrooms or open air patio rooms. The primary design of these spaces is the three sides of glass or screen providing expansive views of your property and flooding the room with natural light. The key to maximizing views and light lies in how the sunroom is designed and built.

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Window and Door Inspections and Installation

You’ve settled into your dream home that you purchased last year when a huge storm blows through your area. Rain pounding against the house and streaks of water wash across your windows and doors. You scamper around your home ensuring yourself that all the windows and doors are securely closed when you notice a small water puddle on the floor next to the sliding patio door. You wipe it up and the next morning the floor is still dry and you conclude that it was just a hard pounding rain the likes of which no barrier could have kept some amount of water from penetrating.

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Poor Installation is a Common Problem

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