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5 Tips to Plan Large Sliding Door Systems - A Must Have Feature in Homes


Planning to remodel or build a home? If so, you undoubtedly have a list of ‘must have’ features. Did you know that traditional sliding and French patio doors are being swapped out for expansive multi-slide and multi-fold door systems that offer maximum views and inviting indoor-outdoor connections? Ever wonder when ‘nice to have options become must have features’? That’s the question homeowners and builders are now asking about large patio doors.

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors 18 1 copy

Marvin Ultimate Multi-slide Door

Large patio door systems come in three basic designs each with multiple configuration options depending on your application. Marvin offers the Ultimate Multi-slide, Bi-fold and Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors. Andersen Architectural Collection offers a collection of Folding, Pivot, and MultiGlide™ and Lift-slide Doors. Pella has a collection of expansive doors too. The doors have been available for several years and now they’re more affordable and installation is easier.

Marvin Bifold Doors 8

Marvin Folding Doors

It’s no wonder then that it’s common now to walk into a home that has an expansive door or two. Even builders are adding multi-slide doors to their new communities to meet the increased demand for outdoor living features. HGTV home buyers regularly express the desire to open their living spaces to outside views, so you see expansive openings and scenic doors in these remodeled spaces.

Scenic doors are now on the list of “must have” features for many homeowners. If you’re considering scenic doors for your new home or remodeling project we’d like to share some important considerations with you. Most important is to remember that when building or remodeling, the ultimate cost of a door depends on how well you plan. If you know you want these doors, don’t automatically assume you can’t afford this feature, because you likely can if you plan. With the right planning, scenic doors can be thoughtfully included, like any other luxury feature such as, stone floors, granite counters, frameless shower glass or custom cabinets.

 Create your home or remodeling plan with scenic doors included.

  1. Research options with budget in mind. Establish a price range that you can afford and see where the door systems fall in your range. For example, if you find you can afford a 10’ x 8’ three panel multi-slide that is within your price range, specify that door in the plan and determine whether it will work for your particular opening. In other words, begin with a price you can afford and build-out the opening instead of trying to find an affordable door to fit the opening. This advice may sound obvious, but in reality, homeowner’s product choices are usually restricted by a pre-framed or finished opening.

Prepare the rough opening with the correct wall depth, threshold and moisture control .

  1. Specify the framed opening and moisture control options. Obtain the installation specifications for the scenic door you budgeted for and review it with the builder on site to be sure that the door will fit and the opening is properly prepared. For example, can you accommodate the right clearance for folding doors, or the right wall depth for the number of tracks, can the threshold be recessed on the interior, or do you need an extra beam for the header? Don’t forget the screens as you may need another track. Get dimensioned shop drawings before building the structural shell or finalizing the masonry openings

Check your local building requirements.

  1. Research performance standards such as air infiltration, impact requirements for certain zones or other local requirements and make sure your door meets the requirements.

Place your order early in the project.

  1. Order as early as possible to reduce job delays.

See and operate a large door system.

  1. Stop by our showroom to test drive the Marvin 14’ x 10’ Ultimate Multi-slide door and learn about a variety of large door systems from Marvin, Andersen or Pella.

AW12 652 R2 extended FoldingOutswing PD

Andersen Folding Doors

If a scenic door system is now on your ‘must have’ list of features for your home-you’re not alone. With the trend toward open floor plans and connected indoor and outdoor spaces, the scenic door became a ‘must have’ feature and an indispensable product to achieve that design.You can budget for these doors the same way you allow for other luxury features by putting it in the plan from the outset. Doors are an integral feature of a home, which makes the home look and feel luxurious and scenic doors have a multiplying affect. Few features of your home will deliver value again and again like these incredible functional easy to operate scenic doors.


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