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Argon Gas and Replacement Windows in Your Chicago Home

Argon is one of the group eight elements in the periodic table alongside other gases like neon and krypton. Its atomic radius is 18. Argon gas has so many advantages when it comes to modern replacement windows, as well as a few downsides. To begin with, let’s look at the positive side of this gas.
Argon gas improves the energy efficiency of replacement windows. Its density is higher when compared to that of oxygen, thus the argon gas between the layers of double or triple paned windows is not easily affected by air currents and drafts. The windows will consequently have a higher insulation property. This saves on energy costs. 
Argon gas may also have some not so great effects on your window panes. For example, it will leak out of your window after awhile. This will make it less efficient and therefore not as useful. The argon gas is also not found at higher altitudes, 2500 and above, according to researchers. Should you be living in high altitude areas, it is advisable that the dealer makes your window at that exact altitude to avoid any problems.
Argon gas can never prevent transmission of rays of the sun into the room. Infrared rays will always make your furniture and drapes lose their original color over time when exposed to a lot of sunlight.
Just keep these things in mind when choosing new replacement windows for your Chicago area home.

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