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Argon Gas Replacement Windows for Chicago Homeowners

Argon gas replacement windows are usually filled with gas between panes to boost energy efficiency. Some window manufacturers use Krypton gas, as it is a little heavier than Argon. Krypton, however, is more expensive than Argon. And that’s why Argon filled replacement windows have gained more in popularity than Krypton gas windows.
Why Argon Gas?
According to window experts, Argon gas is one of the single most important components in a replacement window. The gas is capable of improving a home's energy efficiency and saving you lots of money on heating and cooling costs.

Argon windows work best in areas that have cold weather during the winter. These windows are intended to reduce the U-Value of a window. The U-Value refers to a thermal rating, tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).The U-Value is used to determine the performance of a window in cold weather. Typically, the testing rule for U-Value begins at zero degrees.
Argon is an odorless, colorless, harmless, and inexpensive gas that is used to increase the insulating properties of a window. More and more homeowners are opting for this type of windows as they offer better insulation than normal windows.
There are also triple-glazed argon-filled windows that feature two layers of insulation. It should be noted that Low-E Windows aren’t the same as Argon gas filled windows. Although they are designed using a similar concept, materials placed in between the panes are different. 
Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

Minimizes heat transfer through the windowMinimizes the chances of frost and condensation Suitable for both hot and cold climate Minimizes the effects of UV-rays Increased R-value The high cost of purchasing and installing argon windows will be recovered on very short timeTriple glazed windows offer greater benefits than even duel pane argon filled windows Unlike oxygen, argon is harmless and won’t oxidize the window material  With argon windows, expect your heating and cooling system to work more efficientlyArgon gas won’t expand or contract Can increase the value of your home  

If you are thinking of replacing your existing windows with new efficient replacement windows, opt for Argon windows. They come in double or triple pane glass, which is an added benefit in terms of preventing leakages and condensation.
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