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Avoid Costly Window Repair With a Simple Walk

It’s enjoyable to walk neighborhoods and look at beautiful homes and landscapes. Since windows are my business, my trained eye can’t help but notice potential trouble spots on some homes.
Topping the list of trouble spots are window sills. They’re in various stages of disrepair from peeling paint to unpainted exposed wood to rotting to rotted trim boards. As a homeowner, you can avoid costly window repairs if you take a simple walk around your home.

Older homes with original windows are likely to be made from wood. The woods used were typically hardwoods, giving them an enduring quality if maintained. Over time, wood windows were manufactured from softer woods that may not be as rot resistant as the hardwoods. In either case, quality wood windows will last a long time if maintained.


Rotting windows2 Condopreso copyWindow Sills

Life’s busy, yet routine yearly maintenance is the key to protecting your home. Start by simply walking around the perimeter of your home, inspecting the condition of each window.

Window sills, with flat surfaces and protruding profiles are more exposed to the weather than other window components.Tell tail signs of wear begin with exposed edges where the paint has worn off, is cracking or peeling.

Properly sanding and repainting exposed surfaces will go a long way toward eliminating damage to the sills.

Window Frames and Home Siding

If you see damage where water has already seeped into the wood surrounding the window, it may be time to call a handy man to assess the damage and make the proper repair.

If you see signs of wood damage such as soft spongy areas or rotting, it’s important to thoroughly remove the entire affected wood in order to eliminate the risk of trapped moisture continuing to damage the wood or inner walls of your home. Caught early, this is a simple repair. If the damage is minimal, the rotted wood can be repaired with a filler such as Bondo or the affected trim piece can be replaced.


Damaged or Missing Wood

 If your windows haven’t been routinely maintained it’s possible for wood that’s been exposed to water over a long period to be rotted or missing, inviting future problems. At this point, your simple exterior inspection isn’t enough, as you can’t see inside the walls.

Window trim is decorative, but more importantly, it’s part of the water barrier system built around your window to prevent water penetration. Once this barrier is compromised, water may have penetrated your home’s walls. Call a professional to assess the damage and recommend the proper fix.


Marvin Tilt Pac 1 CutAway

An annual house walk will go a long way toward preserving your wood windows yet, all things do age. When the time comes that window damage, poor energy efficiency or the high cost of maintenance outweighs the cost benefits of replacing your wood windows you’ll discover how far wood window construction has progressed since your windows were built.

Strong, maintenance free materials and manufacturing technologies, combine to produce beautiful high performance wood windows.

Today’s wood windows and window frames are wrapped in cladding to protect them from damage caused by humidity or water.

When it’s time to replace your old windows, wood-clad replacement windows from Marvin, Andersen and other quality companies, will be a trustworthy investment.

According to the Cost-Value report, for the past three years, new or replacement wood windows returned 70% of the replacement cost when the home is sold.


To keep your double-hung windows moving easily, try these simple maintenance procedures about once a year or at the sign of difficult to slide windows.


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