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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French & Sliding Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home. The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. We all worry about t...

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2021 Trends in Windows & Doors

Far and away the biggest contributor to 2021 window and door trends is the pandemic. For many of us, our lifestyles significantly changed in 2020, prompting homeowners to renovate to accommodate these changes. With more people working from home, children learning at home and families staying home, three window and door remodeling trends emerge to r...

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Door Security with Impact Glass and Locking Systems

We love glass doors and door manufacturers are offering taller, wider and studier glass doors every year. Glass doors provide light, views and frankly, transparency to see who’s at our door. If you’re mulling over whether to replace your entry door with a glass door, a solid door with sidelites or upgrade your sliding patio doors this b...

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Entry Door Security with Multi-Point Locks

There’s a heightened awareness about home security lately. If your entry and patio doors are like most, you have the most common lock, a standard deadbolt, which offers little to no protection against forced entry. If you’re planning to purchase a new entry or patio door do some research first and learn about multi-point locking systems.

Marvin Elevate French Hinged Door with Side-lite

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HAPPY JULY 4th - Wishing you and your families a peaceful and joyful celebration!

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Farmhouse Black Windows from Marvin, Andersen and More

Marvin Windows and Doors

Black windows are a natural fit for a Farmhouse style home, so it’s no wonder we’re noticing the trend with so many beautiful examples in our neighborhoods. Black windows work with the typical warm or cool neutrals like cream, beige, silver sage and grey interior colors. They complement the minimalist style and are stunning in contrast with the typical white board and batten exterior siding.

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Best Mid-Century Modern Home Windows and Doors

Mid-Century Modern Home - West Chicago, IL

You’ve driven by one and you may have even stopped to look at it. The Mid-Century Modern Home rarely goes unnoticed. Sleek lines, curtain walls of glass, horizontal window designs and contemporary doors are what defines a Mid-Century Modern home.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home,
there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.
So let it be.Scottish blessing

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and blessed holiday season.

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Best Entry Door Replacement in Winter

bhg.com & FamilyHoliday.com

There are few more welcoming sights than Entry Doors decorated for the holidays. Last evening I went to a Holiday party. The home’s entry way was lite up with festive lights and a beautiful door was adorned a wreath. Several partygoers arrived at the same time heading to the welcoming door, when someone said, I think the party is next door. Sure, enough and we turned and headed to the darkly lit door, rang the bell to be greeted by our warm hostess. Could that entry door describe your party this year?

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Happy Thanksgiving

Woodland continues to be grateful each day and each year for our friends, family and the community of customers who support our business -- for 50th years now. We hope you have a very special Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones. 

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Entry Doors with Sidelites

Provia Entry Door with Sidelites - Glenview, IL

Door systems provide a grand entrance to any home. Your selection should fit in architecturally with the rest of your home, but if you have the opportunity to make a ‘statement’ like this homeowner did, you should do so.

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Fall Open House – Celebrating 50 Years

We hope you’ll join us next Saturday, October 5th at Woodland Windows and Doors at the corner of Lake and Gary for our 50th Anniversary Fall Open House. We invite you to learn about what’s new for windows and doors, gather with neighbors, family and friends, or enjoy some fun with your kids.

Why visit an Open House?

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Entry Doors that Bring Curb Appeal

Arlington Heights Therma-Tru Door Winner

What a difference a new door can make. A worn-out front door is a real eye sore that makes our home look dated. Take a look at this Arlington Heights home of Woodland’s Ugly Door Contest winners. The owners nicknamed their original door “mouse maze” entered their ugly entry way photo in this year’s contest garnering 354 votes to win a new Therma Tru entry door.

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Entry Doors-Ugly Door Contest Spring 2019

There is something about an old entry door that could have been replaced years before and yet it still welcomes its occupants’ home and keeps intruders away that brings to mind a quote by Dr. Seuss, “You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you’re in”.

Mouse Maze Arlington Heights

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Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend. Woodland will be closed Good Friday, April 19th to celebrate this special holiday.  

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2019 Woodland Windows Ugly Door Contest

SPRING is a great time to replace your old ugly front door! Woodland is having an Ugly Door Contest to help you get motivated. The contest winner will receive a Therma-Tru Fiber Classic Mahogany Door retail value of $3,200*. See terms and conditions and more information at the contest page.

To enter, submit a photo of your door with a brief description. The deadline to submit a photo is Monday, April 15. From Tuesday, April 16-19 (noon), readers will vote for the ugliest door.

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Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors for Gorgeous Condominium

 Chicago Condominium

Leave it to the owners of this gorgeous downtown Chicago condominium to select Marvin Integrity ‘ebony’ finish for their new windows and doors. Their choice of sleek casements, awnings and an expansive patio door system, all contemporary looks, gives the individual units and the building a fresh look.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All

A special thank you to our customers for a great year!

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Adding Patio Doors in an Existing Wall

What a difference a door makes. It’s a bold move to replace a window and adding a patio door and one that pays off handsomely in livability. When it’s time to upgrade your old windows, be strategic and look at your home with a fresh eye. Are there rooms in your home that can be visibly enhanced with a different style window or door? Adding sliding patio doors in an existing wall is not difficult. Check out this project in the West Chicago suburbs.

West Chicago Project Before

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the team at Woodland Windows and Doors!

We wish you the happiest of times with your friends and family as you open your home in celebration. We're eternally grateful for our community of customers.

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Entry Door Designs by You

When our home looks dated or our entry door looks worn, we imagine in our mind what a new front entry door would look like. Now you can actually design your new front door rather than just imagining it. Visit our showroom door design gallery and use the Therma-Tru design tool that lets you select from all the possibilities to design sidelites, transoms, door glass just the way you want for a custom look for your home.

 Bartlett IL 

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Marvin Multi-slide Door Review

Marvin Multi-Slide Door Sill

If you live in Chicago or the surrounding areas you’ve got to love weather. It’s what we have. If you like oversized patio doors like Marvin’s multi-slide expansive doors you’re going to love the fact that these doors meet aggressive Design Pressure (DP) and Performance Grade (PG ) ratings. DP is a calculation that determines how much wind pressure a window can withstand. PG is an expanded measurement that also verifies structural performance, water penetration and air infiltration resistance and a battery of other performance measures.

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Traditional Sunroom Additions – Selecting Windows & Doors

The trend toward bringing the outdoors in to our homes makes the addition of a sunroom very popular. If your goal is to open your home to natural light, fresh air and natures views you’ll want to select a style that optimizes your window and door choices. Traditional sunroom additions give you the maximum flexibility to select the size, style and location for your sunroom windows and doors.

Traditional Sunroom Addition

Traditional Sunroom Addition

A ‘site built’ or sometimes called ‘stick built’ addition is built from scratch on-site. In this case, the wood, concrete, glass, siding, shingles, insulation, lighting and every other component is selected to closely match your existing home or to upgraded standards. A traditional sunroom addition is constructed by a contractor just as any regular addition or house would be. Permits are pulled, a foundation is laid, walls are framed, insulated and sheet rocked, roof trusses are built, and the room is wired for power.

Since the primary purpose of these rooms is to create a bright and airy space, particular attention needs to be given to the window and door selection in order to get the maximum benefit of the room. Here are some key considerations for your sunroom addition windows and doors.

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Condo Window Replacement Options

Foggy glass, rotting wood, shrinking caulk, or leaking windows are all signs that your windows likely need replacing. When you own a condo and belong to a Homeowner Association (HOA) what options do you have for replacing the windows in your unit? Do you need pre-approvals from your HOA?

Condo Window & Door Replacement Project

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Wishing You and Your Family a Glorious Easter

From All of Us at Woodland Windows & Doors


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CEU Course - Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Applications

Explore the 'wide open possibilities' of Marvin Scenic View Doors and earn 1-CEU at this complimentary CEU Training Event hosted by Woodland Windows & Doors. March 16th from 11-1pm, including lunch.

If your projects include expansive door openings this is the perfect time to gather information and learn more about fenestration for large window and door openings in residential applications. The course will be presented by Marvin experts, Taylor Neill, CSI, CDT and Tim Vande Loo, CDT at Woodland where you'll be able to see a beautiful 14' x 10' Marvin Multi-slide Door.

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Scenic Doors - Open House March 16th

Join us for our Open House, Friday, March 16th from 8 - 10 am in our showroom to learn about buying and installing Marvin scenic view doors.


Oversized doors are increasingly popular for renovations and new construction. Architects, builders and homeowners are choosing these popular doors for the way they enlarge a home by opening up the rooms and for how they connect the indoors to the outdoors.

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5 Tips to Plan Large Sliding Door Systems - A Must Have Feature in Homes


Planning to remodel or build a home? If so, you undoubtedly have a list of ‘must have’ features. Did you know that traditional sliding and French patio doors are being swapped out for expansive multi-slide and multi-fold door systems that offer maximum views and inviting indoor-outdoor connections? Ever wonder when ‘nice to have options become must have features’? That’s the question homeowners and builders are now asking about large patio doors.

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors 18 1 copy

Marvin Ultimate Multi-slide Door

Large patio door systems come in three basic designs each with multiple configuration options depending on your application. Marvin offers the Ultimate Multi-slide, Bi-fold and Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors. Andersen Architectural Collection offers a collection of Folding, Pivot, and MultiGlide™ and Lift-slide Doors. Pella has a collection of expansive doors too. The doors have been available for several years and now they’re more affordable and installation is easier.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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Window and Door Replacement Designs with Purpose


Walk into a beautiful space, a classic museum, an elegant hotel, a swank lobby or a beautiful home and we’re struck by how we feel.

Design should express and reinforce the essential idea of the space. The room’s angles, ceiling heights, architectural details, focal points or the outside landscape.

Integrity ClerestoryWindows copy

Integrity by Marvin Windows

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Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Best Choice for Chicago Climate

There are certain facts of life that simply can’t be ignored and one of these is that Chicago area entry doors take a beating. The region’s warm, humid summers and its cold, bitter winters are a life fact that should be a top consideration when selecting an entry door for your home. Wood entry doors are an option for homes with well protected entries, but for the majority of homes in our area, Fiberglass doors are your best choice.

WeekThree FC814 Crystalline Brn 1 copy 2

Therma-Tru Entry Door

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Remodeling Tips at Open House

Thinking about remodeling your home and replacing your old windows? Come to our Open House this Saturday, September 30th and pick up a copy of the remodeling guide with tips about replacing your windows. 

This Old House Remodeling Tips for Replacing Windows

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Why Visit an Open House?


We hope you’ll join us Saturday, September 30th at Woodland Windows and Doors at the corner of Lake and Gary for our Fall Open House. We invite you to learn about what’s new for windows and doors, gather with neighbors, family and friends, or enjoy some fun with your kids.

open house banner copy 1

Why visit an Open House?

Woodland sponsors the Open House because we’re completely dedicated to showcasing and educating the community about the beautiful and functional products available for your new home or your home improvement. We also like to hear directly from customer’s what products and services you need from us. What better way than to open the doors for people to leisurely explore, talk with experts and learn regardless of your immediate intentions to buy?

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What Does a Multi-slide or Oversized Door Cost?

Oversized doors are an increasingly popular item on homeowner’s wish lists. They open the house to connect with the outdoors and help create the illusion of space for today’s smaller homes. Naturally, a key question to ask is, how much do these expansive doors cost? The cost of the doors depends on your project size opening, the door style and design that you select. Of course, you can begin your project by asking for a quote, but without knowing your design alternatives you won’t really know if the quote is high or low for what you want and need.

A better way to get a handle on how much an oversized door like a multi-slide, lift and slid or bi-fold door will cost is first to identify what goes into the price of these doors. Here is a list of door features that you’ll want to consider as you plan and these choices will drive the cost of the doors.

Threshold Set 1657 copy

Marvin Multi-Slide Door Installation

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Multi-Slide Door? Visit our Showroom to see the Marvin Oversized Door.


There are somethings that you just have to see to appreciate their beauty, such as the Grand Canyon, the Tetons or a glacier lake. If you’re considering adding oversized patio doors to your home you really need to see our newly added four panel Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door and experience its simple beauty.

Drop in to our showroom to see first-hand the effortless glide of the door and the seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. Come see this 14’ wide by 10’ tall sliding door with a wood interior and gun metal clad exterior finish.

multi slide1 copy 1

Marvin Multi-Slide Door

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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home.

The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. Burglars may look through the glass to see if anyone is inside the home, they may try to break the glass, or push in a double French door configuration.

If these beautiful glass doors would be perfect for your home, the good news is that there are multiple options with today’s quality modern glass doors that can reduce the risk of intrusion.

Marvin frenchdoors


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Window and Door Inspections and Installation

You’ve settled into your dream home that you purchased last year when a huge storm blows through your area. Rain pounding against the house and streaks of water wash across your windows and doors. You scamper around your home ensuring yourself that all the windows and doors are securely closed when you notice a small water puddle on the floor next to the sliding patio door. You wipe it up and the next morning the floor is still dry and you conclude that it was just a hard pounding rain the likes of which no barrier could have kept some amount of water from penetrating.

Marvin Infinity FrenchDoors

Poor Installation is a Common Problem

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Entry and Patio Doors – 3 Trends to Follow


The title for this blog post should be ‘Reimagining Doors’, but the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would more quickly find our blog with something more direct. For the better part of our collective memory there has been a slow evolution of door styles from very expensive crafted wood doors, painted steel utility style doors, sliding glass patio doors and composites that mimic wood doors. While we were sleeping, designers and manufacturers began reimagining doors as expressions of lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a new front door or patio door you’re about to experience a revolution in door design.

Edit Marvin bi fold gardenpatio

Marvin Bi-fold Patio Doors

The three door trends we’re witnessing are, homeowners wanting better and remote security, connecting the interior with the exterior, and selecting a colorful entry door to create a personal statement and focal point. If you’re looking for a new door, there is no better time to be able to personalize and customize the exact door you’ll love.

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Remodel with Fresh Modern Looks in Window and Doors

A consistent theme among customers looking at windows and doors for their remodeling projects is to profess that they want a modern look. After talking and showing them various products, we begin to understand what ‘a modern look’ actually means to most people.

What they’re usually describing is the desire for an up to date, fresh look that is fashionable. Although it’s very important when remodeling to stay true to the style of the home, there is a lot of latitude to replace windows and doors with products that will modernize your home.

Marvin dining window and patio door tight

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Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From All of Us at Woodland Windows and Doors

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Condominium Doors - First Impressions Matter

First impressions and Curb appeal

Whether you’re a homeowner or the property manager for a homeowner’s association (HOA) you know that your building’s curb appeal directly impacts property values, so old beat-up entry doors don’t bode well for what’s inside. Let’s face it, first impressions matter and an entry door is one of the first things guests will see. In HOAs, exterior doors are usually “limited common elements”, which when replaced benefit everyone.

Manor chatham in buffalo grove ilE copy 2

                 Manor Homes of Chatham

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Best Entry Doors – Dutch Doors Are Versatile

The best entry door is the one that best suits your home style. It’s a key element of design so when you’re ready to replace your old door, consider upgrading to a door with architectural style. One style that’s versatile and back in vogue is the Dutch door.

Pinterest PottingShed Dutchdoor

                                                                                       Potting Shed Dutch Door - Pinterest

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Window and Door Magazine 2016 Dealer Awards

Every day at Woodland Windows and Doors, we strive to bring our customers the best of everything – customer service, great products, creative solutions, state of the art showroom and much more. Therefore, when Woodland was selected by our industry peers, for the

Window and Door Magazine 2016 Dealer of the Year Award for the most innovative enterprise, we know we have you, our customers, to thank for expecting the best.

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Window Replacement Remodeling Ideas that Enhance

Replacing strategically selected windows during your remodel can significantly enhance your entire project. Have you ever been invited to see your neighbor’s or a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen and what you see are updated appliances, cabinets, countertops, floors and freshly painted walls? What you’re seeing is very typical and would be more accurately called a kitchen replacement, not a remodel. The same thing happens with window replacement. A home’s windows are old, inefficient, inoperable, or badly worn and the homeowner replaces them with a new replica of the old windows. Like the new kitchen, the new windows look and function better, but the space hasn’t improved. A better way to get the most out of replacing your windows is to focus on enhancing – improving the quality of your environment by intensifying and amplifying the effect of your windows.

If you're remodeling, replacing windows can significantly enhance your overall project.

Marvin StackedKitchenWindows

Marvin Windows

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Replacement Window Installation – No Shortcuts Allowed


NOShortcutsYou’ve just spent months, if not years making the decision to replace your leaky inefficient windows. You’ve taken the leap and selected the best windows that your budget could manage. Now comes one more decision, which may be the biggest one you’ll make – who will install your new windows and what is their installation process? Remember this -no shortcuts allowed.

Before signing a sales order for your replacement windows, select an installer and take the time to see at least one finished installations. Know the proper steps to install your type of window, for your particular home. Before you sign the installation contract read the detail.

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Patio Doors with Style. How to connect the Indoors to the Outdoors.

For several years now connecting the indoors to the outdoors has been a hot trend in building and remodeling. Accomplishing this task with style and verve is the “good old” sliding patio door, better known as ‘the slider’.  Yes, the sliding patio door has been reinvented to give you wide span openings and expansive views connecting the indoors to the outdoors. You can replace your clunky old sliding patio door with hinged or sliding doors with style!

Create gorgeous expansive openings and views with a wide selection of different styles and configurations.

exterior aw09 015

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Best Value Remodeling – Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Winners

Each year Remodeling Magazine releases it’s Cost vs. Value Report. The report compares year by year changes in job costs with Realtor’s perceptions of what those jobs bring to a home’s price at resale. The 2015 Report measured 36 projects nationally and by region. Three projects that exceeded 2014 values stood out in this year’s report, they are, steel entry doors, roofing, and vinyl siding replacement. The cost-value ratio expresses resale value as a percentage of construction cost. In the north central area, steel entry door replacement returned 86.3% of the replacement cost at the time the
It’s not surprising to see these three replacement jobs on the list of most return for your investment given the rising perception nationwide of the value of curb appeal. If you’re considering undertaking any of these remodeling projects in 2016, now is the time to start your research and here are a few things to consider as you make your decisions.

Upgrade the front door
Steel Door with Sidelites
Your entry door is a key element of design so use this opportunity to capture the look you’ve dreamed of. Modernize your home with a contemporary door, add architectural detail with a craftsman style, or replicate a historical period with a traditional door. In the report, steel entry doors return the greatest value on your investment and an insulated steel door will likely save on energy costs. Wood and fiberglass doors generally cost more than a steel door and so, rank below the lower cost steel in the Report, but we’d recommend comparing the performance of different materials when you do your research. Lastly, once you’ve decided on the type of entry door you want, make sure you get the perfect fit. The most reliable method is to remove any interior or exterior trim to expose the true opening and then measure the width, height, door thickness, hinge locations, hinge width and height and handle center. Better yet, let us help before you order your door.
Replace your old roof
Red Metal Porch Roof - Pinterest
Aesthetics, materials cost, weight and installation requirements are key considerations when researching replacement roofing. A square is the basic unit of measurement in roofing, you may win a Trivia game with this little known fact. One square is 100 square feet, making a square the equivalent of 10 feet x 10 feet. A typical two story house, 2,000 sq. ft. with gable roof will consist of less than 1,500 sq. ft. or 15 squares. The cost for your replacement roof will primarily depend on the condition of the existing roof and shape of the roof. Asphalt is the least expensive and slate (most durable) is the most expensive material, with wood, tile and cement, and metal somewhere in between. Asphalt is the most popular because it’s economical and easier to install. When choosing roofing material, the slope of your roof and the weight of the shingles are key factors to consider. Add flair to the look by adding a red metal roof over a porch like you see in the photo. When you’re ready, let us help you select the appropriate material and design for your roof style.
Add flair with new siding
Alside Prodigy Siding
Vinyl siding has been the siding of choice now for many years since technological advances made it both functional and stylish. Replace ugly or damaged siding and you’ll change the entire look of your home’s exterior. When replacing siding, consider adding a few architectural elements such as crown moldings, beaded soffits or decorative trim. Numerous vinyl siding styles and colors, including custom colors are available. When you’re ready for a change, visit our showroom to see and touch these beautiful products and learn about installation.

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Window detail creates that model home feel.

Earlier this year our blog titled “Want that model home feel? Aim high”, suggested that the very act of creating taller windows and doors in your home increases the wow factor found in model homes. The desire to create that model home feel in your own home is a sentiment many homeowners express. Another design secret is the importance of detail.
Once a home’s style is determined, what makes that style come alive is attention to detail. It’s important that you take the time to select the windows, doors and other objects in your home beginning with three design principles.
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Entry Doors - The Traditional Classic

Colonial - Homeguides.sfgate.com
What’s the right entry door for a traditional style house? It depends on which traditional style house you live in or plan to build. Traditional style means long established or customary and is the most common style in our area. Traditional is a broad term compromising many styles including Federal, Gothic Revival or Queen Anne.
When we describe a home as traditional we’re often referring to either a common style historically prevalent in our region, such as Colonial, Georgian or Cape Cod, or likewise, we may be referring to the specific classic features such as symmetrical windows, Greek shapes or a portico. What’s common to this type of home is that it has a timeless design with historical roots.
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Entry Doors - Victorian Era

What makes a house Victorian style? It’s describing Victorian era architecture in the period of Queen Victoria’s reign. The Victorian styles include Queen Anne, dominate from 1880-1910, Gothic Revival 1840-1880, Second Empire 1855-1885 and Italianate 1840-1885. You’re guaranteed to win a round of Trivia with this question.
It was common for American home styles to follow style trends from England, but what also accounts for an abundance of Victorian style homes in America was the building boom during the later nineteenth century. Victorian homes were the first product of our Industrial Age after the Civil War when munitions factories were converted to make house parts. The factories mass-produced wood trim for the decorative trim, porches, gables, towers and dormers.
Although Victorians are largely made of wood, this was not always the case. In fact a large number of old Victorians around the Midwest are built with patterned brick and stone, which was the preference in urban neighborhoods.
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Entry Doors - The Contemporary Look

Marvin Website
You say modern, I say contemporary and some say industrial to describe today’s contemporary home style. Contemporary means todays style and todays style is indeed a cross of modern and industrial, so we’re all right.
If you’re building a contemporary style home or remodeling your existing home and want an up to date look, remember the entry door is a key element of the design. The right contemporary door screams, look at me, I stand out from the crowd.
The contemporary look strives to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, so it’s common to use glass, tall or wider openings for the entry door design. Modern and industrial style eliminates ornamentation or excessive detailing, so that doors without panels and are likely to be flush with plain facings on both the inside and outside door frames. This bold simplicity can be achieved in multiple ways by following some simple principles of contemporary door design.
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Entry Doors - The Craftsman

Pinterest Craftsman Home
Chicagoans claim the craftsman style home as a part of our heritage – after all, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the fathers of the architectural movement. The style, circa 1890’s, popular into 1930, is enjoying a revival today.


Whether you’re fortunate enough to own an old original craftsman style home or are building a new home, the craftsman entry door is a key architectural element to focus on.
The craftsman door is almost always reached by way of a porch, which accentuates the door’s uniqueness. Craftsman doors are interesting contrasts of simple lines, warm woods, understated flat casings, decorative glass panes and a classically ornamental dentil shelf.

Simpson Doors Warm Wood
Warm Woods
Homeowners can select less expensive painted fiberglass or steel doors to compliment a craftsman style home, yet an all wood door creates an unmatched striking focal point. Good design always creates focal points that allow the eye to naturally absorb the view. Without a focal point, the eyes wander and the brain struggles.
The craftsman home is perfect for a wood door because of the protected porch entrance. Although wood is a great insulator and can withstand harsh weather, it needs an enduring finish and a building overhang for protection. Wood doors by Simpson can be used in tough exposures as long as they are made of especially weather-resistant woods such as: Douglasfir, Sapele Mahogany and Nootka Cypress.

he beauty of wood is that no two pieces look exactly the same. The grain patterns, color variations and textures create a work of art.  Frankly, it’s a stark contrast from a painted fiberglass or steel door, which can appear flat and lifeless in comparison. There are places for the less costly door; a wood craftsman entry door is the place to splurge.
Glass Panes
Therma Tru Doors with Sidelites
It’s not uncommon for entry doors to be placeholders in an architect’s design. Meaning its definition will be provided later. In the craftsman style this is often so the architect or designer can line up the views from the entry to a focal point inside the house.  This might be an interior wall or an exterior back yard.


The craftsman style entry door typically has glass in the upper door, sidelites or in a transom above the door. Well positioned, glass can bring natural day light to a dark foyer or let the moon and street light glow, flood the entry at night. If security is a concern consider glass transoms.
Simplicity and Originality
Jeld Wen Dutch Door
The American craftsman style was a response to the ornate Victorian style homes that were common at the time. It stood in stark contrast to the highly decorated eclectic Victorian. Adopting an arts and crafts artistic sensibility, the style typically uses local handcrafted glass, wood and metal work. The colors are usually a natural palette so that the homes blend with nature. You might find the Dutch door an original interpretation of the traditional craftsman door.
If an all-wood door is outside the limits of your budget, don’t despair. Check out doors by Therma-Tru for fiberglass doors that mimic wood. Or if you love painted doors, check out the options for wood, fiberglass or steel painted doors by Jeld Wen in a variety of colors. Or if space allows you can create a double door entrance. Beauty lies in variation, so use your imagination to get the craftsman look on any budget.

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Bring the Outdoors In on a Budget

Today’s major trend in home building and remodeling are home designs that connect the outdoors with the indoor. These new wide-span doors from Marvin, Andersen, and others, create expansive openings, while engineered to slide easily and make a perfect seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. A traditional slider can be up to 10 foot wide, while these doors can be up to 16 feet wide. The design significantly opens the view and allows for natural ventilation into your home.
Marvin Integrity Sliding Doors
These beautifully designed and engineered doors can take a big bite out of your budget. Before you rule out creating oversized openings between your home and the outside, consider other alternatives that will give you essentially the same result for a smaller investment.
Creating oversized door openings and expansive window walls can be achieved on a budget by using standard sized windows and doors put together in a modular way to achieve the look you want. Depending on the overall size you need, your options for creating the look you want are limitless.
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Traditional Homes Mix With Modern Building Materials

Some of the most beautiful neighborhoods around Chicago and its suburbs are the old tree lined streets of traditional homes. Famous for it’s historic architecture Chicago reflects the best of classic homes through the years. Prairie, craftsman, Victorian, farmhouse, brick row houses, limestone mansions – we’ve got it all. If you love the traditional styles that have defined our beautiful area, but want modern functionality – learn how you can mix traditional styles with modern products.
The benefits of remodeling or building a new home using modern windows, skylights, doors, siding, sunrooms and other building products are quite simple; ease of use, better performance, lower utility costs and less maintenance.
Ease of use and better performance
Today’s products are produced using new technologies that make life easier. For example, built in and auto controlled window treatments can be preset to open and close at optimal times. They are simple to use, while maximizing daylight and minimizing unwanted heat gain or loss. There are multi-point door locking systems that engage automatically when the door is closed.
Lower utility costs
Without argument, low E dual and triple pane insulated glass lowers costs over the length of owning your home. Other improvements like insulated oversized glass, gives you more natural daylight to keep your home warm and reduces your need for electric lighting. Modern skylights with special coatings and ventilation are now built in new forms that can direct light and control ventilation in a room.
Source: Velux


Less maintenance
Whether you purchase natural wood windows or synthetic vinyl windows, more than ever before, today’s finishes have a higher resiliency to weathering, mold or mildew. Modern windows tilt inward for easy cleaning and offer water spot resistant surfaces for skylights and hard to reach picture or awning windows.
Traditional exterior and transitional interior
One way to combine the desire for a traditional home with an equal desire to use modern materials is by blending classic style with a few contemporary elements. Keep the traditional exterior façade, while using more contemporary materials for the interior. For example you can choose that classic red brick Georgian exterior and add more windows and glass patio doors, rather than the traditional small and sparse windows. Select traditional brick moldings made of low maintenance composites or vinyl around the windows, rather than the higher maintenance wood choice.
Source: Marvin


The interior can be less traditional with an open floor plan that invites in more natural light. Create entire window walls without completely violating the traditional style of your home by using multiple French doors with glass transoms for a floor to ceiling light wall. Modern folding doors are an alternative if selected in dark hardwoods for a more traditional look. And replacing stationary transoms with remote controlled awnings will help ventilate your home creating cross breezes that will cut down on energy consumption.

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Oversized Doors Connect the Indoors to the Outdoors.

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide
One of the hottest building and remodeling trends is seamlessly connecting the indoors to the outdoors. Reinventing the sliding patio door, better known as ‘the slider’, can do this. So, before you replace your clunky old sliding patio door, the one that gives you a workout every day, with a new sliding patio door, read this first to learn about fresh selections for replacing your old doors.
Patio doors are an architectural design element.
At Woodland we see a lot of patio doors that were installed 30 years ago. Homeowners tell us they think the doors look dated and have been hard to operate for years. Door technology has come a long way since those sliders were put in. Today, the right patio doors can be an architectural design element of your home.
One patio door that is getting a lot of attention today is the lift and slide door, which creates expansive openings while remaining easy to slide. Turning the handle allows the unit to move, by lifting the door and removing the pressure on the track for easy operation. Unlike a traditional multi-track sliding door, once the panels are in their new location, you turn the handle again and the doors lock creating an incredibly tight seal. These doors come with a flush or recessed sill option, which makes a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

Marvin Ultimate French Slider
In Illinois, where snowy winters and stormy wet weather can easily cause water problems, Woodland recommends these doors for use with covered patios, enclosed porches, or sun rooms. In this climate, it is better to install raised thresholds and the higher the threshold, the less likely water will penetrate.
Create an equally beautiful look using modern multi-panel oversized sliding glass doors or French Doors.
Modern sliding glass doors, often called a French slider, expand the traditional two-panel configuration to four panels. The two outer panels are fixed in place; the two inner panels operate. A traditional slider can be up to 10 foot wide, while these doors can be up to 16 feet wide. The design significantly opens the view and allows for natural ventilation.

Andersen French Doors
French doors are an elegant architectural element that connects the inside to the outside of your home. Although these hinged doors require less wall space than sliding doors, if they are in-swing doors you’ll need to plan your furniture arrangement accordingly. Also note that these doors are typically no wider than about six feet, although you can pair the doors with sidelights to increase the view. The out-swing French door is an option, but again, for our climate, Woodland recommends out-swing doors only if they open into an enclosed space like a porch or sunroom. Imagine trying to open your door with snow piled on the outside.
For all of these new modern patio doors we recommend the best locking systems available, mortise locks, foot bolts or a multi-point locking system for security and for an airtight connection.
Modern expansive doors don’t have to break the budget and add immeasurable value.

Marvin French Doors
Woodland carries a broad selection of state of the art patio doors from the best manufacturers, so you’ll have the selection that meets your design goals and budget. A few choices include, Marvin Ultimate Lift & Slide. If you want expansive views, this door can open up to 48 feet wide and when opened it can stacked or disappear completely into a wall.  Marvin also offers the Ultimate Sliding French Door or a traditional swinging French door. A popular feature is the new fully integrated shades. Marvin shades match current Marvin interior door finishes giving a seamless look. The Andersen 400 Series Frenchwood Gliding Patio Door or swinging French Doors are also popular choices today. There are far too many choices to cover everything here, so when you’re ready, come to our showroom and have a look.
Plan a head and don’t settle for replacing your old clunky slider with a new clunky slider. Instead, you can create an architectural element that opens your home to the outdoors.

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8ft Doors Give that Model Home Feel

Why do we feel happy when we walk into a model home? The best ones are the new high-end developments where the builders incorporate the latest features and materials. What you’re likely feeling is the sense of light, openness and a connection with the outdoors. How do they create that space? Today, home builders are using windows and doors in new ways that maximize the homeowner experience, leaving you wanting to move in. What if you could create this same feeling in your own home?
When you get back home, take a close look at your home’s windows and doors? Do they look undersized, do your walls look barren without windows, is your sliding patio door original, so that a Hollywood film producer could select your house for a remake of a 1950’s family TV series?

The feeling you had in the model home was likely because the windows and doors were chosen to obtain unobstructed views and lots of light. Manufacturers are making multi-panel glass and taller doors that flood rooms with light.

If you want to achieve this look and feel in your home, begin by researching the two standard styles of patio doors, the patio slider or the French swing door(s). Within these two general categories you’ll find a plethora of options such as, French style sliding patio doors with two, three or four-panel configurations, folding doors and pocket sliders. Generally speaking, most people select a slider in the bedrooms, kitchen or family rooms and French doors are preferred for the more formal areas such as the dining or living rooms. From the start, check your answers to a few key questions.
√  What is the largest size that my current opening or wall can accommodate?
√  What direction does the foot traffic flow through the room to the outside?
√  Is there space to open French doors into the room? Could one door open and the second door remain stationary?
At this point you can check out the window showroom, because you have enough information to explore the best possibilities for your home. A few additional pieces of information will be needed before you proceed too far down the path. You’ll want to make sure your header is built according to code and has the proper load requirements for the wall. You’ll also need to measure the rough window openings from stud to stud. All of these are important perimeters that will allow you to choose from standard sizes rather than spending unnecessarily on custom sizes. Remember, when getting a window, write down the dimensions and always put the width first and the height second – always.
Once you’re in the showroom, remember to aim high and settle on the tallest doors your room can accommodate functionally and aesthetically – 8ft, 9ft, or 10ft.? This one feature will do more to give you the open and expansive feeling of a newly built home. Marvin, and Andersen offer these 8ft heights as standard sizes while Pella can accommodate 8ft heights. 
Marvin’s Remodeling & Replacement solutions guide is a great place to orient you to the options. Remember, if you want that model home feel – you’ve got to aim high.

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Holiday Entertaining with The Wow Factor

The secret to entertaining during the holidays is creating the right ambiance or the wow factor. The wow factor is that feeling you get when you approach the home of a holiday party and you feel the energy. The light shines out into the night through the windows, the porch is decorated and lit up, and the well-lit path to the door delivers you to the party.

The wow factor sets the energy for your gathering. There you are greeting your guests as they arrive framed by an elegant front door. The contemporary black wood finish, classic side lights and oversized transom beckons your guests to come inside. Maybe it's a red classic front door that welcomes your guests. Whichever door you choose, when it’s adorned with holiday decorations it is most inviting.

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Installation and Why Our Installers are Woodland Windows and Doors Employees

Have you ever heard the term slippery slope? It means an idea or course of action, which will inevitably lead to something unacceptable, wrong or disastrous. At Woodland Windows and Doors, we think window and door installations done improperly are like a slippery slope – once they start heading downhill they keep going downhill. There are some things that as a business you just have to invest in to ensure the job is done right and we at Woodland think that installation is one of those things.

How hard can it be to install windows and doors? Tricky for a professional who's learned the ins and outs - largely because of all the things that can go wrong. Woodland recognized years ago that the surest way to fail was to leave the fate of our customer’s job in the hands of others. We’ve experienced the slippery slope first hand such as, when a few windows arrive defective, but it goes unnoticed until they’re put into the window opening or a second story window requires special equipment to reach it, which wasn’t planned for. We know how quickly a job can go downhill and we know that the surest way to deliver an expert job is to control every aspect of it with trained people who are committed to a perfect outcome.

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Win a New Door From Therma-Tru!

"Attention! CONTEST TIME! We are having an Ugly Door Contest. The grand prize winner will receive up to $2,000 toward any Therma-Tru door (installation not included). The contest will run from now until MIDNIGHT on June 7th, 2014. The winner will be announced on June 14th, 2014.

Please send us an image (.jpeg or .gif) of your UGLY DOOR to [email protected] by June 7th at midnight. All pictures will be posted to a special gallery on our Facebook page. The picture with the most "likes" will win! You can vote with “likes” till June 13th at midnight. Feel free to share your image with your friends and family and get them to “like” your ugly door!

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HOA in Chicago

Many property owners ask a lot of questions concerning Homeowners’ Associations (HOA). The HOA is an independent organization that manages a group of investors. Woodland and most of its neighborhoods where they do work have them. More often than not, the association is made of residents from the surrounding areas who work with a real estate property manager.

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EPA Guidelines for Chicago Home Remodeling

There are a couple of things you need to think of when giving your home a facelift: Should you remodel your bedroom first, or the rest room? Should you remodel your entire home, or add some few rooms? How do you answer such questions? But did the thought of lead in your remodeling project ever cross your mind? If yes, you might want to learn the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines first.

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