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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French & Sliding Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home. The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. We all worry about t...

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Door Security with Impact Glass and Locking Systems

We love glass doors and door manufacturers are offering taller, wider and studier glass doors every year. Glass doors provide light, views and frankly, transparency to see who’s at our door. If you’re mulling over whether to replace your entry door with a glass door, a solid door with sidelites or upgrade your sliding patio doors this b...

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Foggy Windows - Repair or Replace?

As soon as fall breaks toward winter and outside temperatures drop, some windows in your home may appear a bit cloudy. Depending on where the fog is occurring, the problem may be as simple as excess moisture developing due to the difference in indoor and outdoor temperature or it might be more serious because the window seal is failing.

Condensation on the Glass Surface

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Condensation and Ice Buildup on Windows in Extreme Weather

Our extreme cold weather can wreak havoc on our daily living. Near the top of that list is the nuisance of ice and condensation build up on our windows. We’re here to tell you that it’s something to attend to but not that uncommon in freezing temperatures.

With extreme cold outside temperatures, beads of moisture or condensation can accumulate on the inside glazing of your windows. Then a layer of frost or ice develops on the glass or in the corners near the window frame, it’s natural to worry. What are the causes, and if your windows have this problem, what can be done?  

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Modern Window Designs

Andersen E-Series Windows

The owner of this St Charles home who has worked in the building industry for years, selected Andersen E-Series modern windows and doors to connect the inside of his home to the natural landscapes outdoors. His floor to ceiling glass designs could be perfectly executed with the design ability to line up jambs that maintain perfect sightlines to the outside. E-Series allowed him flexibility beyond the structure to include custom walnut interior finishes and black aluminum exterior design choices. This amazing project is a perfect illustration of how frameless glass expanses, narrow profiles and the special awareness of one’s environment all come together to create a perfect modern home.

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CEU Course - Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Applications

Explore the 'wide open possibilities' of Marvin Scenic View Doors and earn 1-CEU at this complimentary CEU Training Event hosted by Woodland Windows & Doors. March 16th from 11-1pm, including lunch.

If your projects include expansive door openings this is the perfect time to gather information and learn more about fenestration for large window and door openings in residential applications. The course will be presented by Marvin experts, Taylor Neill, CSI, CDT and Tim Vande Loo, CDT at Woodland where you'll be able to see a beautiful 14' x 10' Marvin Multi-slide Door.

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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home.

The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. Burglars may look through the glass to see if anyone is inside the home, they may try to break the glass, or push in a double French door configuration.

If these beautiful glass doors would be perfect for your home, the good news is that there are multiple options with today’s quality modern glass doors that can reduce the risk of intrusion.

Marvin frenchdoors


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Replacing Single Pane Windows

One of the greatest window innovations is the addition of Low-E Glass and gas filled insulated glass units (IGUs). That improvement happened back in 1981 roughly 35 years ago. So, it’s hard to imagine all these years later that there are still so many older homes with single pane windows that can’t take advantage of this technology.

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Foggy Windows? Condensation or A Broken Window Seal.

As soon as fall breaks toward winter and outside temperatures drop, some windows in your home may appear a bit cloudy. Depending on where the fog is occurring, the problem may be as simple as excess moisture developing due to the difference in indoor and outdoor temperature or it might be more serious because the window seal is failing.

WindowCondensation 1


Condensation on the Glass Surface

Condensation on glass surfaces happens, for example, on a hot humid day when moisture may accumulate on the exterior side of your windows. Likewise, on a very cold day, moisture can build up on the interior side of your windows. Condensation on your windows can be worse when the outside temperature is below the dew point of the indoor air. Water or frost appears when warm moist air comes in contact with colder dry air.

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Soundproof Windows Can Quiet That Noise

Our cities, towns and neighborhoods are increasingly noisy places to live due to the faster pace of life, proximity to highways, airports or trains, and increased density of housing. So it’s little wonder more homeowners and builders are interested in windows and window upgrades that will dampen outdoor sounds.
City Condo - Pinterest
The question is, can new windows reduce unwanted outdoor sounds from being heard inside your home?
Sound travels through mechanical waves. When a plane flies over your house the sound reverberates through surrounding particles; including; gases, liquids and solids, which vibrate or collide and pass the sound energy along to our ears. The denser the medium, the slower it will travel and so, the more the sound will be absorbed before it reaches your ears. If you want to select windows that will produce a quieter home, you need to pay attention to the acoustics – the sound control of a window.
Now the question is, can windows be made to be acoustically soundproof? Answer, no, however there are techniques for making windows that dampen sound?
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Single vs. Double vs. Triple Pane Replacement Windows – What You Should Know

A pane is a framed part of a window normally fitted with a thin glass or any other transparent material.
Single pane windows are very popular among those homeowners who treasure simplicity and the basics. Single window panes are very affordable, and will therefore not cause so much financial strain to those people who are operating on tight budgets.
They are also very easy to repair. A sudden crack will not be too big of a deal since the replacement procedure is quite simple and very easy to understand. All you need to do is to remove the remaining pieces of glass on the broken window, replace them with a clean sheet of glass and seal it with high quality putty. Remember - this should be left to the professionals!
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Argon Gas and Its Impact on Replacement Windows

Argon is one of the group eight elements in the periodic table. It has an atomic number of 18. Argon gas makes windows more energy efficient. Argon has a higher density when compared to that of oxygen. This means that the Argon gas between the layers of double or triple paned windows is less affected by convectional currents and drafts .The windows will therefore have a higher insulation value. This saves on the cost of energy since the homeowner will not have to spend so much on heating and air conditioning during summer and winter.  
Argon gas also reflects excess heat better when compared to plain air. Un-welcomed heat is inhibited from entering your home, leaving you only with the desired warmth. This is a much needed property, especially during hot weather.
On the other hand, Argon gas may have adverse effect on your window panes. Argon gas will dissipate out of your window after some time; this results in its reduced efficiency. This problem can be easily taken care of by using nonmetallic spaces that seal better and will not allow your gas to escape. Argon gas replacement windows are not available at higher altitudes (i.e. at 2500 and above). 
Improper sealing can also cause leakage of your Argon gas. Manufacturers normally use two methods to seal gas into your replacement window panes, namely, the one-holed method and two-holed method. The former is thought to be the best as it minimizes the possibilities of the gas escaping.

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How to Choose a Replacement Window for Your Chicago Home

Woodland Windows & Doors Project Bartlett, Ilinois
A home without beautiful windows will be lifeless and dull. Your home needs a window for light, fresh air, insulation, and more. But it’s vitally important to have the best window installed in your house. About 20 to 25% of a home’s heating and cooling use attributed to doors and windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Thus, you need to be very careful when choosing replacement windows. There are many aspects to be kept in mind. To get the most out of your replacement windows for your home, you need to know certain key things, and here are some of them.
Replacement windows come in wood, clad wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each has its own features and performs differently. Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride plastic, is one of the most popular materials for replacement windows. The material is less expensive which makes it more attractive, but the minimal choice of colors makes it less versatile. Aluminum is strong and less heavy, but not very efficient. Wood windows remain the top choice for replacement. Wood is naturally beautiful and can be painted into different colors to match many home styles. However, unlike vinyl, wood require lots of maintenance.
Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass (low-remittance) coatings are thin, nearly invisible, metallic oxide films placed on a glazing surface in order to minimize the U-factor by preventing heat transfer or heat flow. Coating the glass surface of a window with a Low-E Glass material and depositing coatings between the glass layers suppress heat flow through the window. Choosing Low-E Glass will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.   
Gas Fills
Between the panes of double or triple paned replacement windows, an inert gas such as Krypton or Argon is placed in to improve its thermal performance. Krypton or Argon is used because the two are denser than normal air. They are harmless, have higher resistances to heat transfer than typical air, thus they are good for lowering the window’s U-Factor.
Single, Double and Triple Paned Windows
Most replacement windows come in three styles: single, double, or triple pane glass windows. A single pane window is typically less expensive, but it offers little or no insulation. Double and triple pane replacement windows have layers of glass between the panes to minimize heat loss through the window.
Other Factors
Other aspects may include cost, maintenance required, solar heat gain coefficient, and air leakage. The cost of a replacement window will depend on the design, material, and size of the window.


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Importance of Efficiency Windows in Your Chicago Home

Windows play several important roles. Basically, they help in filtering out sunlight and air, even as they allow them to enter through it. Without windows, your rooms would without doubt be a little dark, uninteresting, and dingy. Windows come in many types including single pane windows, double pane windows, wooden shaft windows, vinyl replacement windows, aluminum windows, etc. etc. Windows are definitely a basic necessity of any home, especially if you are living in an area with extreme weather during winter and summer.
However, it is quite unfortunate that many homeowners are still using older windows which are inefficient. They have not yet discovered the true value of energy efficient windows. Windows are heavy consumers of energy. An average American home may lose about 30 percent of heating and cooling energy through windows. Energy efficient windows save a lot of money on monthly utility bills. In fact, some new replacement windows have been designed in such a way that they gain energy instead of losing it.
If you are building a new home, their higher purchasing costs can be offset as you will probably require a smaller,  less expensive air-conditioning system. Your choice of window can have a significant impact on monthly utility bills. Windows gain or lose heat by means of radiation, convection, conduction and air leakage. This is referred to as heat transfer and is expressed with U-factors or U-values. U-values are opposite or converse to R-values. Thus, a U-value of 2 is the same as an R-value of 0.5 0r 1/2. Not like R-values, the higher the U-values, the better. In other words, higher U-values have better insulation.
Conduction is the transfer of heat through a solid, such as metal. Most of the heat is lost through windows via conduction.  With less conductive window frames, such as wood and vinyl, you slow down heat flow. Double or triple pane windows are filled with nonreactive gas, such as Argon and Krypton between panes of glass. This helps to reduce heat flow, as well.
Radiation is the transfer of heat from a warmer place to a colder place. For example, if you stand near a fire, you’ll get a warm feeling on your body. On the contrary, your body feels cool when it radiates heat when taking a cold shower.
Air leakage through windows accounts for a huge percentage of heat loss through windows. Modern replacement windows have great features that efficiently stop the loss of heat through conduction, convention, radiation or air leakage.
Double pane and triple-pane glass windows are known for their superior insulating values. And combining double-pane or triple-pane windows with low-E coatings boosts energy efficiency considerably.

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Argon Gas Replacement Windows for Chicago Homeowners

Argon gas replacement windows are usually filled with gas between panes to boost energy efficiency. Some window manufacturers use Krypton gas, as it is a little heavier than Argon. Krypton, however, is more expensive than Argon. And that’s why Argon filled replacement windows have gained more in popularity than Krypton gas windows.
Why Argon Gas?
According to window experts, Argon gas is one of the single most important components in a replacement window. The gas is capable of improving a home's energy efficiency and saving you lots of money on heating and cooling costs.

Argon windows work best in areas that have cold weather during the winter. These windows are intended to reduce the U-Value of a window. The U-Value refers to a thermal rating, tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).The U-Value is used to determine the performance of a window in cold weather. Typically, the testing rule for U-Value begins at zero degrees.
Argon is an odorless, colorless, harmless, and inexpensive gas that is used to increase the insulating properties of a window. More and more homeowners are opting for this type of windows as they offer better insulation than normal windows.
There are also triple-glazed argon-filled windows that feature two layers of insulation. It should be noted that Low-E Windows aren’t the same as Argon gas filled windows. Although they are designed using a similar concept, materials placed in between the panes are different. 
Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

Minimizes heat transfer through the windowMinimizes the chances of frost and condensation Suitable for both hot and cold climate Minimizes the effects of UV-rays Increased R-value The high cost of purchasing and installing argon windows will be recovered on very short timeTriple glazed windows offer greater benefits than even duel pane argon filled windows Unlike oxygen, argon is harmless and won’t oxidize the window material  With argon windows, expect your heating and cooling system to work more efficientlyArgon gas won’t expand or contract Can increase the value of your home  

If you are thinking of replacing your existing windows with new efficient replacement windows, opt for Argon windows. They come in double or triple pane glass, which is an added benefit in terms of preventing leakages and condensation.

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Single, Double, or Triple Pane Windows for Chicago Homeowners

Since the greater part of the window is made of glass, choosing the right window that can dramatically improve your energy efficiency at home is paramount. There are three main types of replacement windows namely: single, double and triple pane windows. Double and triple pane windows are made with layers of glass. The layers are usually filled with gas, such as krypton or argon to improve insulation.
Single Pane Windows
As the name suggest, a single pane window has only one glass pane that is attached on the window’s frame. Glass is a good conductor of heat and tends to allow the transfer of it. During winter seasons, when heating your home becomes a necessity, there can be substantial heat loss through single-pane glass windows. However, single pane glasses are less expensive than their double and triple pane counterparts.
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What are the Benefits of Argon Gas Replacement Windows?

When it comes to purchasing replacement windows, one of the main concerns for most homeowners, besides the style and the design selected, is how efficient the windows are. It is obvious that most people purchase replacement windows for energy saving purposes. Argon gas is used in modern replacement windows. Argon provides energy-efficiency, hence reducing heating and cooling bills.
Argon is one of the noble gases that make an important part of energy efficient windows. Argon gas is about 30% heavier than air and transfers approximately 48% less heat than air. For this reason, it is used to make a barrier to prevent heat transfer. Noise, as well as heat energy, has a difficult time moving through Argon.
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Learn the Value of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Chicago

Over the last decades, huge steps in the construction industry have been made, and windows have not been left out. At the moment, double, triple and quadruple pane replacement windows are available. These windows have been designed to improve insulation in order to reduce heat transfer.
Energy efficient windows save you money on heating and cooling costs every single month. By replacing your old, drafty windows, your monthly utility bill will reduce substantially. Although replacing old windows with energy efficient windows is quite costly, the decision to do so is worth the investment.
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Windows Single Pane vs. Double Pane vs. Triple Pane Dilemma

It can be an expensive investment to replace your home’s windows and for that reason, it should be researched thoroughly. Do you need single or double or single pane replacement windows? A particular climate calls for a specific type of window and because of this, there isn’t one clear-cut answer to the question. 
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