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Kitchen Sink Windows

Everyone longs for a room with a view and there is no more welcome view than the one from the window at the kitchen sink. No matter what style kitchen you have, a window above the sink is always appropriate and when you're cleaning dishes for what feels like longer than necessary, you'll be grateful for the view in this room. How can you select a w...

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Multipoint Locks and Impact Resistant Glass Options for French & Sliding Doors

One of the most popular choices of exterior doors are French and sliding patio doors. Besides opening your home to expansive views, these choices let in light making them beautiful and desirable additions to your home. The major feature of French or sliding patio doors is the glass pane or panes, which can pose a security risk. We all worry about t...

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Icy-Wet Windows This Winter – Maybe Time to Replace

The snow is finally melting and your icy wet windows are returning to normal, so that you can see outside. If the inside of your windows were foggy, icy or wet during these past months of freezing temperatures it may be time to replace your windows. It may be time to get an assessment of the condition of your window's. Suffice it to say, it's norma...

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2021 Trends in Windows & Doors

Far and away the biggest contributor to 2021 window and door trends is the pandemic. For many of us, our lifestyles significantly changed in 2020, prompting homeowners to renovate to accommodate these changes. With more people working from home, children learning at home and families staying home, three window and door remodeling trends emerge to r...

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Door Security with Impact Glass and Locking Systems

We love glass doors and door manufacturers are offering taller, wider and studier glass doors every year. Glass doors provide light, views and frankly, transparency to see who’s at our door. If you’re mulling over whether to replace your entry door with a glass door, a solid door with sidelites or upgrade your sliding patio doors this b...

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Basement Window Replacement

People always ask, are basement windows a standard size or style?

Not exactly, however we can recommend a category of window styles that would meet the utility needs of a basement window.

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Are Double Hung Windows Better Than Single Hung?


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