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Compare Vinyl, Wood, and Aluminum Replacement Windows for Your Chicago Home

How does vinyl vs. wood vs. aluminum replacement windows compare? To begin with, let’s admit that comparing windows is a little tricky as different people have different preferences on which windows suits their needs. However, there are those who want to replace their old windows, but are not sure which replacement window to choose. In this post, we will try to compare the three popular window materials: aluminum, vinyl and wood. After that, you’ll be able to see which material is the best choice for your home.
Vinyl windows are arguably the most popular replacement windows available on the market. This is due to its low price, high performance, and availability. Vinyl windows beat their aluminum counterparts when it comes to energy efficiency. Vinyl is almost scratch-free, while aluminum is subject to scratches and dents. Maintenance is one of the major reasons many homeowners are selecting vinyl windows over wood and aluminum. While wood replacement windows would need to be stained or painted on a regular basis, vinyl windows are nearly maintenance free. They only need to be cleaned with water and soap once in a while. Vinyl windows do not require sealing or painting. The limited colors of vinyl and the fact that you cannot repaint it to your preferred color is, perhaps, the major disadvantage of these windows.
For centuries, wood has been a popular window option and the most used material for windows. Homeowners liked it due to the fact that it could be stained to maintain the wood appearance or painted in a different color to match the rest of the home. Wood is also a good insulator, easy to work with and fairly strong. Nevertheless, there are a few major issues with wood windows that have caused many homeowners and constructors to shift their attention to vinyl and aluminum. As you already know, wood requires a lot of maintenance such as painting, staining, sanding, etc. Also, wood frames are subject to decay, which can make them not to last for long. Again, vinyl replacement windows prove to be the best choice when it comes to durability and maintenance.
There are many reasons why aluminum windows are gaining in popularity day by day. First and foremost, aluminum is a very strong metal and also durable. When compared to vinyl replacement windows, aluminum is three to five times stronger. It is less expensive than its wood counterpart and is also inexpensive to install. Unlike vinyl windows, aluminum can be repainted into different attractive colors. Moreover, it can be shaped into any style of window of your choice. Unfortunately, there are a few significant downsides to aluminum replacement windows. Number one, aluminum is not known for being a great insulator. That's why aluminum windows prove to be unpopular choice when it comes to energy efficiency. It is not always recommended in areas that experience extreme climates. 
Again, unlike wood and vinyl, which won’t rust, dent or crack, aluminum is prone to denting and rusting. It should be noted that different people have different tastes and preferences. Thus, the ultimate decision is in your hands. Evaluate your budget, needs, and preference, and then you can decide whether to pick vinyl, wood, or aluminum replacement windows for your home.

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