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What Does a Multi-slide or Oversized Door Cost?

Oversized doors are an increasingly popular item on homeowner’s wish lists. They open the house to connect with the outdoors and help create the illusion of space for today’s smaller homes. Naturally, a key question to ask is, how much do these expansive doors cost? The cost of the doors depends on your project size opening, the door style and design that you select. Of course, you can begin your project by asking for a quote, but without knowing your design alternatives you won’t really know if the quote is high or low for what you want and need.

A better way to get a handle on how much an oversized door like a multi-slide, lift and slid or bi-fold door will cost is first to identify what goes into the price of these doors. Here is a list of door features that you’ll want to consider as you plan and these choices will drive the cost of the doors.

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Marvin Multi-Slide Door Installation

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Multi-Slide Door? Visit our Showroom to see the Marvin Oversized Door.


There are somethings that you just have to see to appreciate their beauty, such as the Grand Canyon, the Tetons or a glacier lake. If you’re considering adding oversized patio doors to your home you really need to see our newly added four panel Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door and experience its simple beauty.

Drop in to our showroom to see first-hand the effortless glide of the door and the seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. Come see this 14’ wide by 10’ tall sliding door with a wood interior and gun metal clad exterior finish.

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Marvin Multi-Slide Door

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Oversized Doors Connect the Indoors to the Outdoors.

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide
One of the hottest building and remodeling trends is seamlessly connecting the indoors to the outdoors. Reinventing the sliding patio door, better known as ‘the slider’, can do this. So, before you replace your clunky old sliding patio door, the one that gives you a workout every day, with a new sliding patio door, read this first to learn about fresh selections for replacing your old doors.
Patio doors are an architectural design element.
At Woodland we see a lot of patio doors that were installed 30 years ago. Homeowners tell us they think the doors look dated and have been hard to operate for years. Door technology has come a long way since those sliders were put in. Today, the right patio doors can be an architectural design element of your home.
One patio door that is getting a lot of attention today is the lift and slide door, which creates expansive openings while remaining easy to slide. Turning the handle allows the unit to move, by lifting the door and removing the pressure on the track for easy operation. Unlike a traditional multi-track sliding door, once the panels are in their new location, you turn the handle again and the doors lock creating an incredibly tight seal. These doors come with a flush or recessed sill option, which makes a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

Marvin Ultimate French Slider
In Illinois, where snowy winters and stormy wet weather can easily cause water problems, Woodland recommends these doors for use with covered patios, enclosed porches, or sun rooms. In this climate, it is better to install raised thresholds and the higher the threshold, the less likely water will penetrate.
Create an equally beautiful look using modern multi-panel oversized sliding glass doors or French Doors.
Modern sliding glass doors, often called a French slider, expand the traditional two-panel configuration to four panels. The two outer panels are fixed in place; the two inner panels operate. A traditional slider can be up to 10 foot wide, while these doors can be up to 16 feet wide. The design significantly opens the view and allows for natural ventilation.

Andersen French Doors
French doors are an elegant architectural element that connects the inside to the outside of your home. Although these hinged doors require less wall space than sliding doors, if they are in-swing doors you’ll need to plan your furniture arrangement accordingly. Also note that these doors are typically no wider than about six feet, although you can pair the doors with sidelights to increase the view. The out-swing French door is an option, but again, for our climate, Woodland recommends out-swing doors only if they open into an enclosed space like a porch or sunroom. Imagine trying to open your door with snow piled on the outside.
For all of these new modern patio doors we recommend the best locking systems available, mortise locks, foot bolts or a multi-point locking system for security and for an airtight connection.
Modern expansive doors don’t have to break the budget and add immeasurable value.

Marvin French Doors
Woodland carries a broad selection of state of the art patio doors from the best manufacturers, so you’ll have the selection that meets your design goals and budget. A few choices include, Marvin Ultimate Lift & Slide. If you want expansive views, this door can open up to 48 feet wide and when opened it can stacked or disappear completely into a wall.  Marvin also offers the Ultimate Sliding French Door or a traditional swinging French door. A popular feature is the new fully integrated shades. Marvin shades match current Marvin interior door finishes giving a seamless look. The Andersen 400 Series Frenchwood Gliding Patio Door or swinging French Doors are also popular choices today. There are far too many choices to cover everything here, so when you’re ready, come to our showroom and have a look.
Plan a head and don’t settle for replacing your old clunky slider with a new clunky slider. Instead, you can create an architectural element that opens your home to the outdoors.
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