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Stuck Windows This Winter - What You Need to Know About Hard to Open Windows

The simple anatomy a window
Windows operate on simple mechanical principles. Understand these and you can diagnose your window problem.
Single and double hung windows simply move up and down in channels in the window frame. Balancing mechanisms, such as rope and pulley, spiral or block and tackle, assist in raising and lowering the window sashes, and prevent them from sliding downward.
Andersen Casement Crank
Casement and awning windows operate by a crank handle and a track. The windows are opened and closed by means of a crank mechanism, which resides against the frame on the inside. The crank houses a series of gears inside a metal housing, which moves a control arm, attached to the sash, which slides along a track.
Sliding windows rely on rollers and a sliding track, like a sliding door. To open and close simply requires just a push.
Eliminate obvious maintenance problems
Often, the reason windows are hard to open and shut is because they’ve not been properly maintained. Windows are finely engineered, rely on moving parts, withstand extreme weather, and are built to last a long time. A well-maintained window will operate smoothly, year after year.
Pella Sash Removal
Single and double hung windows become difficult to open if there’s a buildup of dirt, dust, and debris. Over the years, friction from the buildup increases making the windows difficult to open and close. Try cleaning the window frames and spray with a non-silicone, solvent-free lubricant, opening and closing the window several times to work the lubricant.
If you have old painted windows check the sides of the sash to be sure they have not been painted (never apply primer or paint to the edges of the sash). If excess paint has been applies around the window frame and sill, gently slide a putty knife between the sash and the frame to release the paint. You might try using a hair dryer to blow hot air around the edge of the sash until you can move the window. After successfully releasing the window, lubricate the window frame interiors, channel guides, with pure paraffin candle wax, such as an unscented white votive candle.
Casements and awnings that are difficult to open and shut will require removing the sash (consult the instruction manual for your windows) and checking for stripped or loose screws. Lubricate the hinges with a non-silicone, solvent-free lubricant, and then open and shut the windows several times to work in the lubricant. It is helpful to keep the gears lubricated to make turning easy by applying a few drops of oil around the base of the handle if it’s difficult to turn.
Easy to clean sliders
Sliders that are difficult to open and close may simply require cleaning the roller system and track with a simple soap and water solution. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try lubricating the rolling system.
If the problem persists
After eliminating the obvious causes of hard to operate windows if you windows still don’t open with little effort, you’ll need to eliminate the most common repair problems. Failed or worn out pulleys or tension springs are common repairs for single and double hung windows. Chipped, broken or bent gears require you to buy a whole new casement crank unit for your casement window. Broken wheels may need replacing on sliding windows.
Double Hung Balancer: ProSalesMag
Windows are basically simple mechanisms requiring only regular maintenance to work well.  Mechanisms can be faulty or wear out, which requires replacing parts, re-installing the frame or other repair.  These repairs may appear easy enough, but they can actually be tedious challenges better left to professionals who have mastered the art and science of window repair.
Woodland’s window manufacturer’s websites offer tips on window maintenance; check out Marvin, Andersen, and Pella.
Don’t get stuck inside this winter.

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Replacement Siding Transforms House

Time takes it's toll on homes. Homes need constant repair and upkeep. As important is to maintanence is keeping them updated. When it's time to make a serious repair to your home take a page from these homeowners who didn't just replace their worn out siding and old windows with new versions of the same thing. These homeowners completely transformed their home. It looks like it was just built.

This beautifully transformed Elk Grove Village home choose replacement Craneboard Honey Oak, Dutch Lap siding, white porch and ceiling soffits, white gutters with oversize downspouts and Marvin Infinity casement bow windows.

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A Guide to Replacing Windows to Add Natural Light and Views

Architects know that a secret to designing beautiful homes is to create spaces that direct the eye to a view. When you enter a home or a room that has been well designed there will be a focal point like a painting, or a glimpse into an adjoining room, or a high ceiling. The most coveted view of all is a view of the outdoors. Yet, we live in older homes, often devoid of views from most rooms.

When it’s time to replace the windows in your home be sure to create rooms with views. Take a close look at your home’s windows and doors. Do they look undersized or do your walls look barren without windows?

Bernsten After 0077

Chicago Suburb - New Windows (After)

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Window Replacement Remodeling Ideas that Enhance

Replacing strategically selected windows during your remodel can significantly enhance your entire project. Have you ever been invited to see your neighbor’s or a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen and what you see are updated appliances, cabinets, countertops, floors and freshly painted walls? What you’re seeing is very typical and would be more accurately called a kitchen replacement, not a remodel. The same thing happens with window replacement. A home’s windows are old, inefficient, inoperable, or badly worn and the homeowner replaces them with a new replica of the old windows. Like the new kitchen, the new windows look and function better, but the space hasn’t improved. A better way to get the most out of replacing your windows is to focus on enhancing – improving the quality of your environment by intensifying and amplifying the effect of your windows.

If you're remodeling, replacing windows can significantly enhance your overall project.

Marvin StackedKitchenWindows

Marvin Windows

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Replacement Window Installation – No Shortcuts Allowed


NOShortcutsYou’ve just spent months, if not years making the decision to replace your leaky inefficient windows. You’ve taken the leap and selected the best windows that your budget could manage. Now comes one more decision, which may be the biggest one you’ll make – who will install your new windows and what is their installation process? Remember this -no shortcuts allowed.

Before signing a sales order for your replacement windows, select an installer and take the time to see at least one finished installations. Know the proper steps to install your type of window, for your particular home. Before you sign the installation contract read the detail.

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Avoid Costly Window Repair With a Simple Walk

It’s enjoyable to walk neighborhoods and look at beautiful homes and landscapes. Since windows are my business, my trained eye can’t help but notice potential trouble spots on some homes.
Topping the list of trouble spots are window sills. They’re in various stages of disrepair from peeling paint to unpainted exposed wood to rotting to rotted trim boards. As a homeowner, you can avoid costly window repairs if you take a simple walk around your home.

Older homes with original windows are likely to be made from wood. The woods used were typically hardwoods, giving them an enduring quality if maintained. Over time, wood windows were manufactured from softer woods that may not be as rot resistant as the hardwoods. In either case, quality wood windows will last a long time if maintained.

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My Condo Windows Leak - Now What?

You loved the place and could afford it. You bought the home of your dreams and moved in. Then came the first winter and the windows leak, air, water, heat and anything else that can pass through the cracks. What are you going to do? You live in a condominium, which belongs to a homeowner’s association (HOA), so your first instinct is to contact them.
Know the process
Your window replacement options will vary depending on the number of units (condos), the age of the buildings, the number of stories and/or the unique bi-laws of your association. Generally speaking, homeowners, that would be you, are responsible for replacing your unit’s windows within guidelines that pertain to matching the existing windows and maybe newer energy regulations. It is common however for an HOA to organize an association-wide replacement project charging each unit their portion of the total cost.
Let’s assume you’re handed a HOA window replacement guide, including requirements, and told that it’s up to you to replace your old leaky windows.
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Best Value Remodeling – Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Winners

Each year Remodeling Magazine releases it’s Cost vs. Value Report. The report compares year by year changes in job costs with Realtor’s perceptions of what those jobs bring to a home’s price at resale. The 2015 Report measured 36 projects nationally and by region. Three projects that exceeded 2014 values stood out in this year’s report, they are, steel entry doors, roofing, and vinyl siding replacement. The cost-value ratio expresses resale value as a percentage of construction cost. In the north central area, steel entry door replacement returned 86.3% of the replacement cost at the time the
It’s not surprising to see these three replacement jobs on the list of most return for your investment given the rising perception nationwide of the value of curb appeal. If you’re considering undertaking any of these remodeling projects in 2016, now is the time to start your research and here are a few things to consider as you make your decisions.

Upgrade the front door
Steel Door with Sidelites
Your entry door is a key element of design so use this opportunity to capture the look you’ve dreamed of. Modernize your home with a contemporary door, add architectural detail with a craftsman style, or replicate a historical period with a traditional door. In the report, steel entry doors return the greatest value on your investment and an insulated steel door will likely save on energy costs. Wood and fiberglass doors generally cost more than a steel door and so, rank below the lower cost steel in the Report, but we’d recommend comparing the performance of different materials when you do your research. Lastly, once you’ve decided on the type of entry door you want, make sure you get the perfect fit. The most reliable method is to remove any interior or exterior trim to expose the true opening and then measure the width, height, door thickness, hinge locations, hinge width and height and handle center. Better yet, let us help before you order your door.
Replace your old roof
Red Metal Porch Roof - Pinterest
Aesthetics, materials cost, weight and installation requirements are key considerations when researching replacement roofing. A square is the basic unit of measurement in roofing, you may win a Trivia game with this little known fact. One square is 100 square feet, making a square the equivalent of 10 feet x 10 feet. A typical two story house, 2,000 sq. ft. with gable roof will consist of less than 1,500 sq. ft. or 15 squares. The cost for your replacement roof will primarily depend on the condition of the existing roof and shape of the roof. Asphalt is the least expensive and slate (most durable) is the most expensive material, with wood, tile and cement, and metal somewhere in between. Asphalt is the most popular because it’s economical and easier to install. When choosing roofing material, the slope of your roof and the weight of the shingles are key factors to consider. Add flair to the look by adding a red metal roof over a porch like you see in the photo. When you’re ready, let us help you select the appropriate material and design for your roof style.
Add flair with new siding
Alside Prodigy Siding
Vinyl siding has been the siding of choice now for many years since technological advances made it both functional and stylish. Replace ugly or damaged siding and you’ll change the entire look of your home’s exterior. When replacing siding, consider adding a few architectural elements such as crown moldings, beaded soffits or decorative trim. Numerous vinyl siding styles and colors, including custom colors are available. When you’re ready for a change, visit our showroom to see and touch these beautiful products and learn about installation.

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Window detail creates that model home feel.

Earlier this year our blog titled “Want that model home feel? Aim high”, suggested that the very act of creating taller windows and doors in your home increases the wow factor found in model homes. The desire to create that model home feel in your own home is a sentiment many homeowners express. Another design secret is the importance of detail.
Once a home’s style is determined, what makes that style come alive is attention to detail. It’s important that you take the time to select the windows, doors and other objects in your home beginning with three design principles.
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Stuck Windows This Winter – What you need to know about hard to open windows.

If you find yourself crouched low to gravity, feet hip width apart, abs firm, elbows tucked, arms ready to lift and you’re not a sumo wrestler, you may have a problem of stuck windows.
Don’t get stuck inside this winter. If you’re wrestling with old or new windows you can do something about it before winter arrives. First, understand that humidity causes wood windows to swell, accumulated dust causes tracks to increase friction, and loose or faulty tension springs fail. It’s also possible that the installation wasn’t done correctly. If the window wasn’t installed perfectly square, if too much insulating foam was compressed in the wall cavity, or if setscrews weren’t properly adjusted - your window can be hard to open.
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Remodeling Old Homes with Sustainable Materials

The building industry has transformed over the past decade because of new technologies and designs that make our homes more comfortable and more economical. Traditional homes valued for their quality craftsmanship or architectural significance can now undergo renovations to bring them up to modern building standards without compromising the beauty of the original home.
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No Regrets Remodeling – Start with the Basics

When we think about remodeling our homes, we imagine a kitchen, bathroom, more space or maybe an outdoor patio. Few people dream about remodeling their home’s infrastructure, windows, doors, siding, heating and cooling systems, that sort of thing. The secret to no regrets remodeling is to start with basic home improvement and finish with the nice to have luxuries.
Home Maintenance
Marvin Integrity
It’s a well know fact among realtors and contractors that homebuyers prefer homes that have been well maintained. If the windows are leaking or the patio slider won’t slide, buyers don’t care how beautiful the kitchen is. Buyers want the basic systems to work, well aware that maintenance can be costly, and people are afraid of that. On the other hand, if a buyer knows they don’t have to spend money replacing the basics, they’re more likely to buy the house and dream of their new kitchen.


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Soundproof Windows Can Quiet That Noise

Our cities, towns and neighborhoods are increasingly noisy places to live due to the faster pace of life, proximity to highways, airports or trains, and increased density of housing. So it’s little wonder more homeowners and builders are interested in windows and window upgrades that will dampen outdoor sounds.
City Condo - Pinterest
The question is, can new windows reduce unwanted outdoor sounds from being heard inside your home?
Sound travels through mechanical waves. When a plane flies over your house the sound reverberates through surrounding particles; including; gases, liquids and solids, which vibrate or collide and pass the sound energy along to our ears. The denser the medium, the slower it will travel and so, the more the sound will be absorbed before it reaches your ears. If you want to select windows that will produce a quieter home, you need to pay attention to the acoustics – the sound control of a window.
Now the question is, can windows be made to be acoustically soundproof? Answer, no, however there are techniques for making windows that dampen sound?
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When Replacing Windows Enhance - Don’t Just Replace

We should have changed our windows rather than simply replace them when we had the chance. We’ve all heard this lament at sometime from a homeowner who completed a major remodeling project. Today, more than ever, homeowners contemplating a window replacement or general remodel project need to listen to this cautionary tale. When it’s time to replace your windows, seize the opportunity to enhance the look of your home, do not just replace your windows.
Marvin Ultimate Casement
Be Strategic
It’s likely that 75% of the windows in your home as they were originally installed are still functionally adequate for your lifestyle. However, it’s likely that there are rooms, which could be visibly enhanced with a different style window. Consider casements to replace double hung windows, so you don’t have to climb on your kitchen counters to open a few windows over the sink? Maybe, the stationary transom window above the entry door could be replaced with an awning inviting fresh air to flow through your home? Or maybe it’s time to update your home’s curb appeal with a more contemporary look by selecting new windows that have minimal detailing and integrated window coverings? Simple changes can yield dramatic results.
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Replacing Windows. To Everything There Is A Season

How do I know if my windows need to be replaced? It’s a question we get nearly every day and I must admit that when I hear that question a song plays in my head. The song goes something like this; to everything there is a season…a time for this and a time for that. That sentiment is indeed the best way to answer the question. Everything eventually wears out and is replaced with something else. In the case of windows that ‘something else’ is far and away better than what it is replacing.

Source: Marvin

Older homes often have extremely durable original wood windows that with regular maintenance and repair can last 100 years. On the other hand, homes built within the past 50-60 years usually require wood windows to be replaced around 20 years after installation. These wood windows are more prone to rotting primarily due to the fact the wood is not old growth and so not the hardwoods of yesteryear. Additionally, techniques such as finger joints and the environmental restrictions placed on paint ingredients, reduces the paint’s preservative and anti-microbial properties.

While it’s possible to repair surface damage caused by mold, wood rot or cracks, these may be an indication of deeper damage or a precursor to future infrastructure damage because the window system is slowly failing. The most important thing to determine is whether the surrounding structure of the home has sustained any damage. Inefficient windows can leak, allowing water to enter your house both in front of and behind the walls, inviting mold and mildew to grow.

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Traditional Homes Mix With Modern Building Materials

Some of the most beautiful neighborhoods around Chicago and its suburbs are the old tree lined streets of traditional homes. Famous for it’s historic architecture Chicago reflects the best of classic homes through the years. Prairie, craftsman, Victorian, farmhouse, brick row houses, limestone mansions – we’ve got it all. If you love the traditional styles that have defined our beautiful area, but want modern functionality – learn how you can mix traditional styles with modern products.
The benefits of remodeling or building a new home using modern windows, skylights, doors, siding, sunrooms and other building products are quite simple; ease of use, better performance, lower utility costs and less maintenance.
Ease of use and better performance
Today’s products are produced using new technologies that make life easier. For example, built in and auto controlled window treatments can be preset to open and close at optimal times. They are simple to use, while maximizing daylight and minimizing unwanted heat gain or loss. There are multi-point door locking systems that engage automatically when the door is closed.
Lower utility costs
Without argument, low E dual and triple pane insulated glass lowers costs over the length of owning your home. Other improvements like insulated oversized glass, gives you more natural daylight to keep your home warm and reduces your need for electric lighting. Modern skylights with special coatings and ventilation are now built in new forms that can direct light and control ventilation in a room.
Source: Velux


Less maintenance
Whether you purchase natural wood windows or synthetic vinyl windows, more than ever before, today’s finishes have a higher resiliency to weathering, mold or mildew. Modern windows tilt inward for easy cleaning and offer water spot resistant surfaces for skylights and hard to reach picture or awning windows.
Traditional exterior and transitional interior
One way to combine the desire for a traditional home with an equal desire to use modern materials is by blending classic style with a few contemporary elements. Keep the traditional exterior façade, while using more contemporary materials for the interior. For example you can choose that classic red brick Georgian exterior and add more windows and glass patio doors, rather than the traditional small and sparse windows. Select traditional brick moldings made of low maintenance composites or vinyl around the windows, rather than the higher maintenance wood choice.
Source: Marvin


The interior can be less traditional with an open floor plan that invites in more natural light. Create entire window walls without completely violating the traditional style of your home by using multiple French doors with glass transoms for a floor to ceiling light wall. Modern folding doors are an alternative if selected in dark hardwoods for a more traditional look. And replacing stationary transoms with remote controlled awnings will help ventilate your home creating cross breezes that will cut down on energy consumption.

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Replacing Your Windows? Review the Advantages of Fiberglass.

In last weeks post our aim was to sort out the confusing world of replacement windows.  Customers come into our showroom often confused because of all the erroneous information out there.  Our blog post focused on the advantages of clad-wood replacement windows, which most people consider the premium choice. Like the word premium means, homeowners who select clad-wood elect to pay a little extra for features they deem essential or aesthetically valuable. Fiberglass or composite replacement windows can offer a worthy budget alternative to clad-wood.
What is essential or aesthetically enhancing for one home, may not apply to another because homes and lifestyles differ. The two primary differences between clad-wood and fiberglass or composite replacement windows, are price and options. Wood-clad is more expensive than fiberglass or composite and may offer options that more closely suit your existing home. Still, what comes as a surprise to most people is that fiberglass or composite windows offer several options as well, like a wood interior for example or multiple paint finishes. Fiberglass or composite is the newest replacement window material to come on the scene at a price between clad-wood and vinyl.
All replacement windows categorized as either fiberglass or composite are not created equal however. One of the challenges when comparing these windows is that composites are not all-alike making it difficult to compare apples to apples. The make-up of the frame will differ considerably between manufacturers and models further confusing things. You’ll find any number of descriptions such as, a mix of wood sawdust or fibers and extruded PVC or thermoplastic polymer. You may encounter descriptions like, chemically bonded blends of wood and plastic resins or a blend of wood chips and recycled plastic.
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Replacing Your Windows? Review the Advantages of Wood.

The surest way to use up two idle hours in a day is to Google ‘replacement windows’. After researching replacement windows for hours at home, homeowners come into our showroom more confused than ever. The last thing Woodland Windows and Doors wants to do is to add to the confusion, so we've pledged to make the subject understandable and help you make an informed decision about the option you choose.
Making the subject of replacement windows understandable begins easily enough, but informing customers about specifics that will make a difference for their application is our goal.

After talking about your home, the subject of replacement windows naturally progresses to the following categories.

Do you need a partial or full window replacement?

What material do you prefer, wood, fiberglass, composite, vinyl or aluminum?

This is the end of simple categories that make things understandable because your answer to the two questions creates a rubric cube of possibilities. Most salespeople will focus on explaining the differences between window materials, but we’re not like most because we know everything there is to know about the products available in the market. Woodland thinks it’s more helpful to focus on our customers’ home and explore the range of products that meet and exceed their expectations. Each product has unique attributes and options that go beyond the type of material, so our goal is to introduce our customers to the right products from the start.

Wood replacement windows are the preferred choice if you want to preserve the original character of your home. Woodland recommends clad-wood, not all-wood replacement windows. Even when a customer wants to perfectly match a historical window, we can recommend a product such as Marvin Signature Series, which can replicate an original custom milled window. In most cases however, clad-wood, which has an exterior layer of aluminum or vinyl to protect the frame from weather and minimize maintenance, is the best premium wood replacement window.

Marvin Ultimate comes in double-hung or casement styles and offers a superior clad-wood replacement window.

Wood interior finish options offer six different wood species including cherry and mahogany in six different stain choices. You have other options as well, painted, primed only or clear coat. Customers who select the primed only option can have the windows finished in their own custom color. 

The exterior of the window features an extruded aluminum clad-wood finished in commercial-grade anodized paint that resists fading or chalking. Customers can choose from nineteen colors or order a custom color. The anodized finish is said to be as hard as diamonds and is one of the most durable finishes made. The anodizing process places the aluminum in a chemically stable and non-toxic bath. An electric current is passed through the bath, causing the surface of the aluminum to oxidize and form a stronger coating than the original aluminum surface. The result is a surface that is resistant to abrasion, erosion, and ultraviolet light degradation.

Aluminum cladding can be rolled or extruded – the two are very different and Marvin Ultimate products have extruded aluminum cladding. The standard for roll-form aluminum components requires only a 0.9 mil finish thickness instead 1.2 mil coating required for extruded aluminum. Imagine a typical Midwest storm with hail and debris knocking against your windows and you’ll understand the difference in aluminum cladding. Roll-form can dent far more easily than an extruded finish, which is why Marvin stands behind a 20-year warranty against loss of adhesion, chalking or fading.

The double-hung tilt-wash style allows the sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning like many new windows and, unlike most manufacturers, the Marvin Ultimate casement window can also rotate inward, making both sides of the glass washable.

The sizes and styles are numerous, including multiple glass options most suitable to your home and your personal preferences. For example, Woodland most often recommends Low E1 for our northern climate because it blocks heat loss and reflects heat back into the room. Or depending on whether the window is a south wall, north wall, upstairs or downstairs, we may recommend another glazing option to take advantage of the sun’s radiant heat.

Woodland also carries other recommended clad-wood replacement windows such as Marvin Integrity as a less expensive alternative to the Ultimate or Signature for a highly custom design. We can also show you a comparison of top products like Andersen 400 Series or Woodwright and Pella  Proline (standard sizes only), Designer or Architectural Series.

Replacing your old windows can be as fun as selecting windows for a new home. So stop Googling and come in to our showroom where you can touch and feel the products.

Next week we’ll review the fiberglass replacement windows.

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8ft Doors Give that Model Home Feel

Why do we feel happy when we walk into a model home? The best ones are the new high-end developments where the builders incorporate the latest features and materials. What you’re likely feeling is the sense of light, openness and a connection with the outdoors. How do they create that space? Today, home builders are using windows and doors in new ways that maximize the homeowner experience, leaving you wanting to move in. What if you could create this same feeling in your own home?
When you get back home, take a close look at your home’s windows and doors? Do they look undersized, do your walls look barren without windows, is your sliding patio door original, so that a Hollywood film producer could select your house for a remake of a 1950’s family TV series?

The feeling you had in the model home was likely because the windows and doors were chosen to obtain unobstructed views and lots of light. Manufacturers are making multi-panel glass and taller doors that flood rooms with light.

If you want to achieve this look and feel in your home, begin by researching the two standard styles of patio doors, the patio slider or the French swing door(s). Within these two general categories you’ll find a plethora of options such as, French style sliding patio doors with two, three or four-panel configurations, folding doors and pocket sliders. Generally speaking, most people select a slider in the bedrooms, kitchen or family rooms and French doors are preferred for the more formal areas such as the dining or living rooms. From the start, check your answers to a few key questions.
√  What is the largest size that my current opening or wall can accommodate?
√  What direction does the foot traffic flow through the room to the outside?
√  Is there space to open French doors into the room? Could one door open and the second door remain stationary?
At this point you can check out the window showroom, because you have enough information to explore the best possibilities for your home. A few additional pieces of information will be needed before you proceed too far down the path. You’ll want to make sure your header is built according to code and has the proper load requirements for the wall. You’ll also need to measure the rough window openings from stud to stud. All of these are important perimeters that will allow you to choose from standard sizes rather than spending unnecessarily on custom sizes. Remember, when getting a window, write down the dimensions and always put the width first and the height second – always.
Once you’re in the showroom, remember to aim high and settle on the tallest doors your room can accommodate functionally and aesthetically – 8ft, 9ft, or 10ft.? This one feature will do more to give you the open and expansive feeling of a newly built home. Marvin, and Andersen offer these 8ft heights as standard sizes while Pella can accommodate 8ft heights. 
Marvin’s Remodeling & Replacement solutions guide is a great place to orient you to the options. Remember, if you want that model home feel – you’ve got to aim high.

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Winter is a Good Time to Replace Your Old Windows

Tired of a cold house?
Tired of trying to heat a cold house?
Tired of winter already when it's only January?

Old leaky windows can account for as much as 10-25% of the heat loss in your home, so why wait until Spring to replace your old windows. Leave the cold outside.

No gaping holes throughout the house.

Woodland's installers work in teams replacing one window at a time. One installer works outside the window and one works inside. When ever possible, we close off each room we're working in to reduce the amount of cold air flowing through the house. Each window takes about 30 minutes and many homes can be completed in one day.

Immediate difference in comfort.

The new windows are manufactured to 1/8" of your window opening. Our installers then add insulation around your window frame and the windows once they are in place to maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners feel the immediate effects of new windows in their homes.

Update old painted windows with new finishes.

Woodland's selection of stylish wood replacement windows from Marvin, Andersen and Pella means you can update the look of your windows. These new windows can be stained and varnished to the natural look of wood adding warmth and charm to your home. You may choose factory painted windows for the sleek and resilient finish of a contemporary look. Or maybe you want to match the current windows in your home - that's possible too.

Schedule a free consultation.

If you've read to this point, you probably need to call us 630.869.1450 and visit our website to learn more about replacing your windows.

For 45 years, Woodland has made our customer's lives a little easier because we worry about all the details for you. See what people say about Woodland installers.

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Replacing Windows? Ask About Condensation Resistance

Most people know about the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rating system and label that shows consumers how a window performs in several areas, such as, thermal insulation, solar heat gain, visible light transfer and air leakage. What most people don’t know is that the NFRC also rates a window’s condensation resistance (CR). While, the U-Factor, which rates thermal insulation or how well a window prevents heat from escaping, is most important. For a cold climate like Illinois, another important rating, maybe CR. Since this rating is optional for manufacturers to include on their Energy Star label, it may not be available, however it is important to consider when purchasing new or replacement windows.

Condensation on your windows can be worse in winter when the outside temperature is below the dew point of the indoor air. Water or frost appears when warm moist air comes in contact with colder dry air.
Maybe your windows have a single pane of glass, which provides no insulation. Since condensation is more likely to form on cold surfaces than warm surfaces, there are water droplets or ice on the glass. If this describes your windows, be aware that upgrading your windows to today’s technologies will make a significant difference.
Early double-pane wood windows with aluminum spacers can experience condensation. The aluminum spacer separating the two panes of glass is very conductive, thereby transferring in the cold from the outside. Spacers are located around the glass edges and so conduct heat from the inside pane to the outside pane. The area where the wood meets the glass can develop condensation, freeze, thaw, and eventually rot the wood.
Today’s windows are engineered differently. Frankly, the most important part of the window to resist condensation is that spacer that keeps the panes of glass apart and seals in the gas. Today’s spacers are made of less conductive stainless steel, U-shaped tin steel, and foam polymers. Low-E and gas filled glass panes reduce temperature transfer between the inside and outside. Add the frame, to this list of improved materials, and you essentially have the features that are measured in the NFRC U-factor ratings. The NFRC recognizes three parts to a window: the center-of-glass, the edge-of-glass, and the frame. The lower the U-factor, the better the window is at keeping heat in – particularly important during winter’s heating season.
Some condensation is expected and can result from any number of variables, including a homeowner’s lifestyle. Dryers that are not vented to the outside, gas cooking without using the vent, room humidifiers or forgetting a boiling teapot, our lifestyle choices all contribute. However, sloppy, wet, sweaty windows are unsightly and left unchecked, the constant moisture can lead to serious damage of the windows, window coverings and walls.
If you’re in the market for replacement windows remember to ask about the features that contribute to condensation resistance. For example, our colder climate makes aluminum frames a poor choice, but if you must have this for your modern home make sure the window you choose has thermal breaks. Second, opt for Low-E and argon or krypton gas fills between double or triple panes. Third, ask about warm-edge spacers, which are no-metal or spacers made of less conductive metals.
With so many window choices out there, it would be nice to have a simple rating system, like the U-factor to compare windows for condensation resistance. The NFRC  and others, have attempted to articulate a common measurement for manufacturer’s to use, which is called the CR scale of 1-100, with a higher number representing more resistance to the formation of condensation. A single pane wood window might have a rating of 15, while a triple-pane wood window may achieve a rating of 75. A cold climate, like Illinois, ideally would opt for a rating over 50.
So why aren’t window manufacturer’s required to include the CR rating on their windows? In a nutshell, while it’s a valuable metric to obtain, there are still multiple ways to measure condensation resistance and limitations to either rating method.  It may come back to the homeowner’s lifestyle choices contributing to indoor condensation. For example, shades, curtains, and blinds tend to reduce the amount of airflow across the window. This allows the window to cool and increase the likelihood of condensation.
Woodland Windows and Doors have done the research about condensation resistance and have discovered that a single rating probably isn’t a particularly useful number. However, selecting new or replacement windows that reduce the relative risk that you will have condensation is a very worthwhile pursuit. If you need to maintain a higher interior humidity during the winter months, for health or comfort reasons, you want to pay attention to the edge-of-glass details. Or maybe you just want to be sure you understand the important features and specifications of the windows you buy. Ask Woodland -Woodland knows. 

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Chicago Homeowners’ Views on Vinyl vs. Wood vs. Aluminum Replacement Windows

Homeowners who choose vinyl to be their favorite material for replacement windows reason from the fact that vinyl is a high quality material and very flexible when it comes to usage.
With vinyl windows, regular painting is not necessary. Moreover, you only need to periodically wash the windows to keep them in good condition.
Vinyl is made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a very efficient heat insulator. Therefore, vinyl windows will keep heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer. This will always save you the burden of high energy bills as devices like heating and cooling systems will utilize less energy. Vinyl is cheap, yet very long lasting. Vinyl windows also come in different colors, designs, and shapes to choose from – you are not limited to just a select few colors or sizes.
However, there are some downsides to this window material. For example, vinyl windows can potentially fade in extreme weather conditions, especially in too much heat. When this happens, the window must be wholly replaced because vinyl cannot be repainted.
For some homeowners, wooden replacement windows are the best choice. Why? Unlike vinyl, wood can easily be shaped into various styles.  Wood is also very strong and durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Some woods, for example Mahogany, can last for decades without rotting. Wooden windows are also good insulators, thus, they can regulate temperatures during the summer and winter to save on energy bills.
Wooden windows have also got their own downsides, however, as well. Number one, they have to be painted regularly. This means an increased cost of maintenance. Number two, they are susceptible to molding which can interfere with the fiber of the wood. Lastly, wood can be affected by termites.
There are also those who are of the opinion that aluminum replacement windows are the best. It is resistant to rust, making it unnecessary to do regular painting. Aluminum windows are also very easy to clean. This way, the homeowner can use his time to engage in other activities instead of spending it all with cleaning the windows. Aluminum is typically less expensive than wooden windows.
The only tangible disadvantage of aluminum window is that it has low energy efficiency. It easily allows heat to pass through it. This increases energy bills as there will be a need to use HVAC systems more often.
In conclusion, every homeowner must look at the disadvantages and the advantages of these three materials before choosing on the one that will best suit him or her.

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Single vs. Double vs. Triple Pane Replacement Windows – What You Should Know

A pane is a framed part of a window normally fitted with a thin glass or any other transparent material.
Single pane windows are very popular among those homeowners who treasure simplicity and the basics. Single window panes are very affordable, and will therefore not cause so much financial strain to those people who are operating on tight budgets.
They are also very easy to repair. A sudden crack will not be too big of a deal since the replacement procedure is quite simple and very easy to understand. All you need to do is to remove the remaining pieces of glass on the broken window, replace them with a clean sheet of glass and seal it with high quality putty. Remember - this should be left to the professionals!
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Argon Gas and Its Impact on Replacement Windows

Argon is one of the group eight elements in the periodic table. It has an atomic number of 18. Argon gas makes windows more energy efficient. Argon has a higher density when compared to that of oxygen. This means that the Argon gas between the layers of double or triple paned windows is less affected by convectional currents and drafts .The windows will therefore have a higher insulation value. This saves on the cost of energy since the homeowner will not have to spend so much on heating and air conditioning during summer and winter.  
Argon gas also reflects excess heat better when compared to plain air. Un-welcomed heat is inhibited from entering your home, leaving you only with the desired warmth. This is a much needed property, especially during hot weather.
On the other hand, Argon gas may have adverse effect on your window panes. Argon gas will dissipate out of your window after some time; this results in its reduced efficiency. This problem can be easily taken care of by using nonmetallic spaces that seal better and will not allow your gas to escape. Argon gas replacement windows are not available at higher altitudes (i.e. at 2500 and above). 
Improper sealing can also cause leakage of your Argon gas. Manufacturers normally use two methods to seal gas into your replacement window panes, namely, the one-holed method and two-holed method. The former is thought to be the best as it minimizes the possibilities of the gas escaping.

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Replacement Windows Buying Guide

Windows play a key role in our homes. Windows allows fresh air, light and ventilation inside, but they are often taken for granted. Windows contribute to the general beauty of a home, thus choosing the right style that suits your house is of paramount importance. However, many homeowners often have a hard time choosing between wood, aluminum, and vinyl replacement windows. This article will address the several ways in which wood, aluminum, and vinyl are different and how they are similar.
Wood Windows
Pros: Whether you live in an old home or contemporary home, wood replacement windows offer a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to meet your specific preference or taste. Many homeowners are often tempted to opt for vinyl because of its low cost. Before you make such a decision, consider the initial cost versus long term benefits. Wood windows are more durable than vinyl and therefore provide more value for your money. Moreover, wood is an excellent insulator, making it extremely energy efficient.
Cons:  Wood was once an organic material. If not given proper care, it can start to rot while it is still installed in your home. You will need to keep mold and water off of your wood windows to ensure they remain in good condition.
Vinyl Windows
Pros: Vinyl replacement windows are made mostly of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) together with some other types of plastics. Vinyl windows do not need any staining or painting on the outside or inside of the house, eliminating the need for serious maintenance. Also, vinyl is relatively cheaper when compared to wood windows, and is a poor conductor of heat. PVC windows are the most popular replacement window options available right now. Their low maintenance requirement, high energy efficiency, durability, and low cost make them the best choice for the majority of homeowners who are shopping for replacement windows.
Cons:  Vinyl material may be a threat to the environment as polyvinyl chloride releases poisonous dioxin when exposed to fire. Furthermore, you cannot paint vinyl windows into the colors of your choice, thus finding the exact color that matches the style of your home may not be easy.
Aluminum Windows
Pros: Aluminum windows can be designed to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. High performance aluminum replacement windows can improve energy efficiency by a large percentage. Aluminum requires less maintenance because it is resistant to corrosion and weathering, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, aluminum can be easily manipulated into virtually any shape to meet your tastes. With an endless assortment of finishes, glass options and designs, aluminum offers a variety of possibilities from the cheap to most sophisticated window systems.
Cons: The main issue with aluminum is that it doesn’t offer excellent thermal efficiency. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, thus aluminum windows may not work marvelously in extremely hot or cold climates.

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How to Choose a Replacement Window for Your Chicago Home

Woodland Windows & Doors Project Bartlett, Ilinois
A home without beautiful windows will be lifeless and dull. Your home needs a window for light, fresh air, insulation, and more. But it’s vitally important to have the best window installed in your house. About 20 to 25% of a home’s heating and cooling use attributed to doors and windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Thus, you need to be very careful when choosing replacement windows. There are many aspects to be kept in mind. To get the most out of your replacement windows for your home, you need to know certain key things, and here are some of them.
Replacement windows come in wood, clad wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each has its own features and performs differently. Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride plastic, is one of the most popular materials for replacement windows. The material is less expensive which makes it more attractive, but the minimal choice of colors makes it less versatile. Aluminum is strong and less heavy, but not very efficient. Wood windows remain the top choice for replacement. Wood is naturally beautiful and can be painted into different colors to match many home styles. However, unlike vinyl, wood require lots of maintenance.
Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass (low-remittance) coatings are thin, nearly invisible, metallic oxide films placed on a glazing surface in order to minimize the U-factor by preventing heat transfer or heat flow. Coating the glass surface of a window with a Low-E Glass material and depositing coatings between the glass layers suppress heat flow through the window. Choosing Low-E Glass will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.   
Gas Fills
Between the panes of double or triple paned replacement windows, an inert gas such as Krypton or Argon is placed in to improve its thermal performance. Krypton or Argon is used because the two are denser than normal air. They are harmless, have higher resistances to heat transfer than typical air, thus they are good for lowering the window’s U-Factor.
Single, Double and Triple Paned Windows
Most replacement windows come in three styles: single, double, or triple pane glass windows. A single pane window is typically less expensive, but it offers little or no insulation. Double and triple pane replacement windows have layers of glass between the panes to minimize heat loss through the window.
Other Factors
Other aspects may include cost, maintenance required, solar heat gain coefficient, and air leakage. The cost of a replacement window will depend on the design, material, and size of the window.


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Vinyl vs. Wood vs. Aluminum Replacement Windows: What You Need to Know

Homeowners who view vinyl as their favorite window replacement material argue from the point that it is of good quality and is very versatile. With vinyl windows, regular painting is something not necessary. Furthermore, you only need to occasionally wash the windows to keep them in good shape.
Vinyl is made from a material called Polyvinyl Chloride which is a very powerful heat insulator. Therefore, vinyl windows will keep heat in during winter and out during summer .This is what we call high energy efficiency and it will always save you the pain of high energy bills since there will be minimal usage of heating systems and air conditioners. Vinyl is cheap, yet so durable, and they also come in a variety of colors to choose from.
To some home owners, wooden replacement windows are the best. Unlike vinyl, wood can easily be shaped into various designs. Wood is also arguably stronger and more durable, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Some woods, for example Mahogany, can be last for several decades. Wooden windows are also good insulators, thus, just like vinyl, they regulate temperatures during summer and winter to save on the energy bills.
There are also those who think that aluminum replacement windows are the best. It is a material that is resistant to rust, making it unnecessary to regularly paint it. Aluminum windows are very easy to clean. The homeowner can therefore use his precious time doing other activities instead of spending it all on cleaning windows. The windows are also very affordable, sometimes even cheaper than wooden windows.
In conclusion, every homeowner must weigh the pros and the cons of these three materials before settling on the one he or she will best suit him or her.

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Comparing Vinyl vs Wood vs Aluminum Replacement Windows for Chicago Homeowners

How do vinyl replacement windows compare with wood and aluminum windows? What is the difference between vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows? When you start to shop for new replacement windows, you might be a little confused with the many options available to choose from. It’s impossible to say one is better than the other because each of them has their own pros and cons. In this post, you will get some great information to help you compare various features of vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows.
Vinyl Windows
Vinyl has a nice external appearance, making it very attractive. It comes in different styles and colors. Most vinyl windows are designed to mimic the appearance of wood. Many homeowners are advised to consider the long term benefits of the window they are thinking of buying. A vinyl replacement window will look as new in the next 15 years as it did the day it was purchased. Generally, vinyl won’t scratch or fade because the color is the same throughout. It also doesn’t require maintenance. It is typically less expensive.
Wood Windows
Wood is a natural insulator making it energy efficient and one of the best options for replacement windows. Wood is also considered the most attractive material in terms of its appearance. That’s why vinyl manufacturers are working hard to imitate the look of real wood. Maintenance is one major reason many homeowners avoid wood. While newly installed wood replacement windows can look beautiful, it requires a great deal of maintenance.
Aluminum Windows
Aluminum materials are known for their extraordinary strength. You can paint aluminum with any color of choice. This can help to match the color of your window frames with your home. However, outer coating or paint can chip off over time, and this will expose the metal underneath. Aluminum is a good noise insulator, but quite inefficient in terms of energy saving. As always, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold.

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Best Windows for Your Chicago Home: Wood, Vinyl or Aluminum

There are three different types of window materials available – vinyl, wood, and aluminum. When you are ready to replace your old, drafty, inefficient windows, you may need to choose one of these options. Keep reading and discover the pros and cons of each material.
Benefits of Vinyl Windows
There are many reasons why vinyl is the most preferred replacement window option. Vinyl replacement windows are durable, aesthetically appealing, affordable and almost maintenance free. Vinyl is also known for its amazing insulating properties because it is a poor conductor of heat. For this reason, it stops heat from coming inside the house during the summer months. In the same way, it prevents cold air from coming inside during the winter months. However, not all vinyl windows are the same. You get what you pay for, goes the old saying.
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What are the Benefits of Argon Gas Replacement Windows?

When it comes to purchasing replacement windows, one of the main concerns for most homeowners, besides the style and the design selected, is how efficient the windows are. It is obvious that most people purchase replacement windows for energy saving purposes. Argon gas is used in modern replacement windows. Argon provides energy-efficiency, hence reducing heating and cooling bills.
Argon is one of the noble gases that make an important part of energy efficient windows. Argon gas is about 30% heavier than air and transfers approximately 48% less heat than air. For this reason, it is used to make a barrier to prevent heat transfer. Noise, as well as heat energy, has a difficult time moving through Argon.
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Compare Vinyl, Wood, and Aluminum Replacement Windows for Your Chicago Home

How does vinyl vs. wood vs. aluminum replacement windows compare? To begin with, let’s admit that comparing windows is a little tricky as different people have different preferences on which windows suits their needs. However, there are those who want to replace their old windows, but are not sure which replacement window to choose. In this post, we will try to compare the three popular window materials: aluminum, vinyl and wood. After that, you’ll be able to see which material is the best choice for your home.
Vinyl windows are arguably the most popular replacement windows available on the market. This is due to its low price, high performance, and availability. Vinyl windows beat their aluminum counterparts when it comes to energy efficiency. Vinyl is almost scratch-free, while aluminum is subject to scratches and dents. Maintenance is one of the major reasons many homeowners are selecting vinyl windows over wood and aluminum. While wood replacement windows would need to be stained or painted on a regular basis, vinyl windows are nearly maintenance free. They only need to be cleaned with water and soap once in a while. Vinyl windows do not require sealing or painting. The limited colors of vinyl and the fact that you cannot repaint it to your preferred color is, perhaps, the major disadvantage of these windows.
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Argon Gas Replacement Windows

Today, many replacement windows include argon gas as an insulating material which is filled in between the panes of a window. Adding argon gas in replacement windows increases the overall efficiency of your home.
Technically speaking, argon gas is an odorless, colorless, invisible noble gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It is non-toxic, nonflammable, and completely safe. This is an inert gas, meaning it doesn’t form true chemical compounds as opposed to other noble gasses (krypton, neon, xenon and helium).
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Single or Double or Triple Pane Replacement Windows in Hoffman Estates, IL

When replacing your old windows, you want to use a replacement window that will not only add curb appeal to your home, but perform its best as well. Except for single pane windows, double and triple-pane windows are good options in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The right replacement window which is best for your home will depend on a few factors, such as aesthetic goals, energy savings, and your budget.
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Vinyl vs. Aluminum vs. Wood Replacement Windows

There are three main materials which today’s manufacturers use to make replacement windows: vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Each material has its own pros and cons. At Woodland Windows, the popular material used for replacement windows is vinyl. Vinyl windows made are from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—a plastic material. So why is this material popular?  
Vinyl Windows
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Buy Energy Efficient Windows

You will be surprised to find out that replacing your old windows with new efficient ones can bring a significant change in the general appearance of your home, in addition to saving you money on monthly utility bills. Of course, there are many options when it comes to replacement windows today, including wood, vinyl and aluminum windows. Installing high efficiency windows in your home will not only improve your property's curb appeal and save money, it also adds to the value of your home.
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Replace Old Windows with Energy Efficient Windows

In cold climates, old windows can be a major cause of unwanted condensation issues, discomfort, and heat loss. In recent years, more sophisticated replacement windows have been developed in an effort to weed out these problems. It is now possible to minimize heat loss during the winter months and save a significant amount of money on monthly energy bills. Although replacing your windows is quite a costly investment, they are efficient and much more profitable than you can imagine.
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Reasons to Choose Argon Gas Replacement Windows

Argon gas is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is extensively used in making fluorescent lights, light bulbs, photo tubes and now replacement windows. It is denser than normal air and has a very low level of chemical reactions. In other words, unlike oxygen, argon gas will not corrode or react with any type of window material. These windows include a vacuum-packed unit that is filled with argon gas between panes of glass to improve energy efficiency.
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Choosing Between Vinyl, Wood and Aluminum Replacement Windows

Are you thinking of replacing your old windows, but do not know whether to pick wood, aluminum or vinyl windows? Are you always bombarded with commercials on the TV or flyers in your daily newspaper or just plain confused as to what's best for your home?  After you know what kind of house you have and what your needs are, it is quite easy to pick the best replacement window that will be a good improvement for your home and cost effective as well.
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Cost of Replacement Windows and the Energy You Will Save

Today there are still many homes that are installed with old-fashioned windows which are far more ineffective when it comes to thermal regulation. In other words, they are not all that great at making the house cooler during the hot weather or warmer during the cold weather. By having these old windows replaced with modern, double or triple-paned windows, you can enhance the general appearance of your home as well as save money on your heating bills.

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Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Wood and Aluminum for Wheaton Homeowners

When it comes to replacing older windows in your home, there are lots of factors to consider. You will think of things like color, shape, style, and which Wheaton home remodeling company you want to hire to install them for you. However, the type of material used to craft the window frame is arguably the most important factor when choosing which window to install in your house. There are three popular materials used to craft replacement windows: aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

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What is Argon Gas and How Does if Impact Replacement Windows?

What is argon gas and why is it commonly used in replacement windows? This is one of the most asked questions at our company. If you are wondering about it, you aren’t alone. This post is created to give a detailed answer about the question.

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Full Replacement vs Partial Replacement of Windows

Many people are looking forward to replacing their damaged home windows this spring. They are looking for windows that perform and function better, need less maintenance, are more energy efficient and durable. Window replacement is not as expensive as some homeowners make it out to be. They really aren’t. In fact, they are a good investment in your home.


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Cost of Replacement Windows vs. Energy Savings

While energy costs continue to rise, many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on energy. Reducing the level of energy consumption is also the responsibility of everyone as environmental problems are becoming more and more horrendous. If you are serious about saving money by cutting back on utility costs, replacing your traditional windows is of paramount importance. 

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