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Styles of Sunrooms - Depend on Functionality

Woodland GrandView Sunroom

Adding a sunroom is not unlike deciding to build an addition to your home. In both cases, it’s a financial commitment, which promises a significant return by adding additional space that improves the quality of yours and your family’s life. With so much at stake, how do you choose the right style, the right products and the right installation company?

Style and function

Start by deciding what will be the function of your sunroom. Do you need more space? Are you trying to connect your indoor living to outdoor living? Or do you want access to more natural light in your home? Maybe you want the sunroom to match your home so closely that it looks like the original construction? Your goal begins the discussion about the type of sunroom you’ll need in both style and function. Woodland Exterior sunrooms integrate every product component to create the exact room that delivers the function you specified.

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