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Can Vinyl Siding be Painted?

Not that long ago, vinyl siding would not have made a designers list of suitable siding choices for the discerning homeowner with taste. A lot has changed in a few years since the introduction of a new class of vinyl siding entered the scene. You can now choose what’s aesthetically delightful, while keeping maintenance and upkeep on your priority list as well.

The functionality of vinyl siding is unbeatable and you can mix a variety of elements, colors and styles to create a custom look.


Benjamin Moore Vinyl Paint

Siding defines the look of a home and today’s vinyl siding allows you to select any combination of color and style to create an architectural look for your home. Maybe you want to recreate the opulent, decorative features and multicolor palette of a Victorian. Or get the look of the popular Colonial style with long expansive siding, gables and a classic front porch. Mix up siding styles such as vinyl shake for gable sides with vinyl lap siding for the main part of the house. Whether your dream is to have a farmhouse, a modern house or a modern farmhouse pay attention to the details. Wide or narrow window frames, crown moldings, beaded or smooth soffits and fascia all in styles to complement your home’s trim. Don’t shy away from adding awesome standout wood, fiberglass or glass doors. All these choices are available and they are essential if you want to be true to architectural style.

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