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Need Replacement Windows in Chicago? Think About Getting Energy Efficient Ones

There are many reasons to invest in new replacement windows for your home or commercial property. Perhaps you have been dealing with drafts or leaks that make your house an uncomfortable place to stay. Sometimes the fading of your furniture or carpet and high energy bills are caused by inefficient windows. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it’s the right time to look for energy efficient replacement windows—your best bet for affordable, safe, strong, and energy conscious windows.
According to experts, windows contribute about 10% to 25% to your monthly utility bill. If your home has old single-pane windows, it’s time to have them replaced with double or triple-pane windows that will add a new look and feel to your home and reduce your utility bills. Moreover, new windows can add to the safety of your property as older types can easily be broken into by robbers and burglars. With too many replacement windows available on the market, it’s vitally important to learn a few tips on choosing the best windows for your house. Here are some of them:
Material: Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are the most popular choices of materials. Vinyl is inexpensive, looks superb for a long period of time, can adapt to temperature and humidity changes, has great insulating properties and is virtually maintenance-free. Wood is quite poor when it comes to extreme climates and is relatively expensive. Despite that, many people still prefer the stunning appearance of wood windows over vinyl ones. Aluminum is incredibly durable and strong.
Design: The design of the replacement window you think of purchasing have to match up with the design of your house. There are plenty of colors available, but selecting the color that matches with the décor of your house is paramount.
Energy Star rating: This label is meant to tell you that the product has been tested and is energy efficient. Hence, before buying any window claiming to be energy efficient, make sure it is rated by Energy Star. This way you will save money on heating and cooling costs. Although new replacement windows are quite expensive, their long term benefits will, at the end of the day, offset your purchase.
National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC): Ensure that you understand what this means. In addition to Energy Star rating, NFRC is another label issued by an independent agency mandated with the task of comparing the energy performance of windows, skylights, and so forth. U-Factor is one of the essential ratings that measures the amount of heat gain and heat loss of a window.
Pricing: Wood is more expensive than vinyl. And it’s worth bearing in mind that once you’ve installed wood replacement windows, you will still need to spend extra money on maintenance. They often need to be painted and stained.
There are many factors to be considered when purchasing a replacement window. Replacing your older, inefficient windows with new ones makes lots of sense. You get a comfortable, secure, and beautiful home.
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