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Reasons to Choose Argon Gas Replacement Windows

Argon gas is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is extensively used in making fluorescent lights, light bulbs, photo tubes and now replacement windows. It is denser than normal air and has a very low level of chemical reactions. In other words, unlike oxygen, argon gas will not corrode or react with any type of window material. These windows include a vacuum-packed unit that is filled with argon gas between panes of glass to improve energy efficiency.
Argon is a non-toxic and inexpensive gas that is typically used to make replacement windows in order to stop frost from forming at the bottom of the windows. Argon windows also help to increase sound proofing features of a home, preventing unwanted outside noise from entering the house. Today, argon windows are gaining ground and are becoming a more popular choice for many people in the greater Chicago area.
There are double-pane glazed and triple-pane glazed argon filled replacement windows available. In order to place the gas between the panes of glass, the manufacturer sucks out air from between the glass panels, leaving a void, then pumping in the argon gas to fill the area. Since it is denser than normal air, it will redirect inside heat back into the home. Also, this can help to minimize condensation on the window as the inside part of the glass will remain warmer throughout the winter season. Additionally, argon gas can help reduce drafts and cold spots..
As said earlier, the noble gases are denser and heavier than air, so their particles do not move freely. Having inactive gas molecules between the panes of glass prevents warmer inner air from escaping in the winter seasons, saving money on heating costs. With the reduced heat loss, the R-value of the window is increased. A window’s R-value measures its ability to prevent heat from escaping. A double-pane glazed window without an argon gas has an R-value of about 1.8. A double-pane glazed window with an argon gas has an R-value of about 3.0, making it more energy efficient.
If you aren’t sure of whether or not to invest in argon filled replacement windows, consider your constantly rising energy costs for the last few months. Now try to imagine how much you’d save with argon replacement windows. Besides saving you money on utility bills, argon gas replacement windows protect your furniture against fading since these windows have the ability to block UV-rays. This, again, will save you more money on replacing furniture, carpeting, curtains, and other similar items.
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